Be careful this summer, ladies!

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Be careful this summer, ladies!

Otherwise known as: Yes, Im an idiot.


I went to our local Renaissance Festival today with SD17 - I have a season pass - and spent about 5 hours there.

We are both part of the Royal Guard, which is a group of volunteers that have appropriate garb that sort of help out the cast. We also strut in parade each day that the faire is open. To be considered a member (or Yeoman of the Guard), you have to strut on 3 different occasions each season (today was #3 for me). The parade is about a mile long, and it starts at 12:30.

It's mostly in the sun, and since we're in garb, it's HOT.

I have bought new garb this season, since bodices and being pregnant dont go well together, so my outfit consists of a long chemise with short, flowy sleeves, and overskirt, pantaloons, fancy leather boots and a fake leather bodice that only covers the boobs, basically. Both the chemise and the overskirt are pretty much sheer and the pantaloons are cotton, so it's not like they're heavy, but here in the summer, when it's muggy and >'s still HOT. I did buy a bodice cooler today (you fill a metal tube with ice and stick it between your boobs) - and it melted to body temperature 4 times in less than an hour.

So... (here comes the idiot part)...

Today, they needed extra people to act as "horse guard" during the parade - basically, 4 people make a "box" around one of the horses that a member of the nobility rides (usually Queen Margaret). This involves a bit of extra walking, as you have to go backstage at the joust, then walk them to the parade start, then walk the parade, then walk them BACK to the joust (which is at the opposite end of the festival).

By the time we got back with the horses, I was on the verge of passing out, had a huge headache and was nauseated. The backstage people made me sit down and eat pickles, drink water, and put ice on my neck and wrists, but it didnt help all that much. I ended up needing to chug about 4 mugs of gatorade and sit in the first aid "cool room" for almost an hour.

Yes, it was heat exhaustion.

Yes, we left after that.

Yes, Im an idiot.

I texted my OB from the cool room (LOVE HER) and she told me I had to drink 2 liters of water this afternoon, which I have done, and I also drank a large bottle of Gatorade after Faire.

I didnt think it would be THIS bad, being pregnant and being at faire. Last time I went to Faire pregnant, it was a different festival that was held in october/november, NOT april and May.

Im done with parade for the couldnt pay me to do THAT again. Ugh.

so...moral of the story - be really really careful this summer, ladies!


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OMG scary!! I have never really been hugely pregnant in the summertime so I will deff keep this in mind!!
When I was pregnant with Colin I visited some family in Minnesota at the beginning of September and I was 20 weeks along. Just being out ion the heat and humidity got me all swollen and sick feeling and it wasn't even that hot!

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This is one of the reasons I wanted to avoid being pregnant in the summer! I guess I have to deal with it now Smile Great advice though, always be careful in the heat, and make sure you always have water with you!

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Thanks for the advice! I am going to Hawaii in three weeks and my biggest concern is how to keep myself and DD from getting overheated...

Hope you are feeling better!

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Oh no, how scary. I'm nervous about being pg this summer. Last time I gave birth before the summer. Los Angeles weather is generally very mild but we live just outside LA in the valley and it gets HOT. Last year was our first year, and it was an unusually hot summer, and it reached 112 in September!!! I'm dreading it. I guess we all have to be extra careful this summer.

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oh, and just to point out: before the parade, I had already had 2-3 mugs of gatorade and I had a mug of ice/water with me the whole time we were on parade as well.

They know about heat exhaustion, as it IS Tx in the summer, and they try to make you avoid it. Still didnt help.

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oh no! glad you are ok! be careful indeed. i think it's great that you can text your ob! i'm not a summer person anyway so i know i'll be extra cautious!