carpal tunnel....ow

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carpal tunnel....ow

Sorry I havent been participating much, but the swelling in my hands has triggered carpal tunnel BIGTIME.

I vaguely remember this from last time, but not this bad. Im using those wrist splints to try to sleep at night, but I can barely write or type and cant put ANY pressure on my hands.

Anybody else in this boat?

Any suggestions?



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I've had a little bit of swelling in my hands, but no carpal tunnel. I know that's really painful- hope you feel better!

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I had it HORRIBLY with DD1. Anything that required me to turn my wrists (like turning a door knob) or apply pressure caused agony. I wore wrist braces on both hands day and night to keep them both straight. This helped. Thank goodness it went away when she was born and the swelling subsided.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through it. Not too much longer, hopefully.

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I have slight swelling and lots of pain most days but only right when I wake up. Some days are worse than others.

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ouch! I haven't had it but I know it's fairly common during pregnancy. Hope you can find some relief!

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I have had tingling and numbness in my right hand and the doctor said it was carpel tunnel. No pain though.

I hope you find something that eases the pain!

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I'm sorry carpel tunnel sucks. I get it from playing the piano all day everyday at work I don't really have advice just wear the braces & hopefully it will go away when the baby is born.:confused:

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no advice here, but im sorry your dealing with it! Sad

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I've had it with each of my boys- but not near as bad as yours! Sad

I have no suggestions- it just sucks.

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I dont have any advice sorry, Hope u have some relief soon.

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Hope you can find some relief. I know that's miserable.