Carter's 6 mo appt

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Carter's 6 mo appt

We had Carter's 6 mo appt last wk. He weighed 19lbs and was 29". He's in the 98th %tile for length. We changed his formula back to Gentlease since he has starting spitting up again. He's doing much better on it! He's eating more and holding it all down as long as it's mixed pretty thickly with cereal or oatmeal. He's doing great eating foods with a spoon. I just can't believe how big he is already. Pretty soon, I will be planning his 1st b-day party. It just seems crazy! Hope everyone is doing well!

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Yay for a great appt. he's a big boy :). I don't even want to think about their first b-day, they are growing too fast. It's making my wanting another worse everyday!

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Sounds like he is doing great!

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Six months already! Crazytown. Glad he's doing so well, and that the formula change is helping so much.