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catch up info

Ok so now that this week is almost over and I'm enjoying my day off here's how everything went.

Concerts went great, honestly they were 2 of the best concerts I think I have ever had. I have no complaints at all. The students behaved, looked nice, and sounded great!

My appt yesterday was good..I only gained 1 lb this whole past month which I was concerned about but the doc told me he only would like to see me gain 20 total anyway and the 22week scan showed the baby nice and healthy so he was not concerned. I got my drink for my diabetes test for my next appt. Not thrilled about that but I'm allowed to eat during the day, just certain items. I got measured for the 1st time, yeah, but I forgot to ask what I measured asked about not being very big and he said to be happy about and the best news, he said I can go to ky friends wedding in Vegas in July....I'm so excited. Of course he said make sure I can get my money back in case something changes but at this point he sees no reason why I won't be able to fly.

Jaydens news, he loves music I swear when I play piano, the kids sing, or he hears classical music he is dancing in there. Last night I watched black swan and when the music was playing he kicked me so hard it actually hurt..that's how excited he was getting...I might have a future Pavoratti (sp.) Inside me.

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I'm so glad your concerts went well! That is great news! Sounds like you had a good appointment as well.

My daughter used to dance around when I played the piano when I was pregnant with her- when you said that it brought back memories! I don't know about this little guy- our piano has been under plastic because of the renovations, so I haven't tried it out.

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What a weight off your shoulders to be done with the concerts!

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Glad the concerts went so well!

How fun that Jayden reacts to the music. Perfect for the son of a music teacher! Smile

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All great news! I am glad the stress has been reduced with the completion of the concerts!

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So glad to hear the concerts went well (I'm sure it's a relief that they're over) and your appt. went well. Boo for the glucose test...we have to do it twice at my OB office and I almost didn't make it through the first one (at 6 weeks).

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Glad the concerts went well.
Sounds like you had a great appt.