cervix check question

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cervix check question

Just curious how many weeks along were you when your doctor started checking your cervix to see if you started dialating?

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I wasn't checked until I was admitted to the hospital with fluid issues at almost 34 weeks.

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They started offering at 36 weeks but I refused until 40w. At that point my cervix was too high for them to reach. 2 days before birth, I was not dialated. If they'll let me this time, I have no desire to be be checked. I don't think the numbers mean anything in most cases.

I also find any poking around they do to be unbearable at any given time so I'd rather avoid that too.

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With DD I was 36 or 37 weeks... don't remember exactly. This time, I don't want to be checked until I'm in labor, and even then I don't want to be told how far dilated/effaced I am (unless I'm complete). I found it discouraging, because when I had made progress it got my hopes up, and then nothing happened, and when I hadn't made progress I got frustrated/discouraged. So basically it was a waste of emotional energy, because it has absolutely no bearing on when you'll actually go into labor. You can walk around dilated for weeks, or go from zero to ten in a couple of hours (or less, for some people). So this time I just don't want to know!

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My dr normally starts checking around 30 wks so he can catch something early if there is something to catch. I have been checked 4-5 times already thanks to my lovely contractions.

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I was never asked (I had to ask). I asked for one when they did my GBS swab, one at 38 weeks when I asked for a sweep and another at 40 weeks, 3 days when he did another sweep (which put me into labour).

I have decided this time I will not be asking for checks or sweeps until I am overdue (which I expect to be). They just frustrated me!

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I was checked at 39 weeks with DD and there was nothing going on..and than I went into labour 3 days later.

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I was never checked with my first 3. I had a couple checks with Heather when I went in for a couple NSTs, but other than that, there wasn't anything till I was admitted. With Hailey I think I was checked around 34/35 weeks, but then I was contracting lots and she wanted to be prepared. When I met the delivering Dr at 35 weeks, he checked me too just to see for his records. I'm hoping I don't have to be checked till 37 weeks or so, I absolutely HATE them, but I know for some it's good to know. When I was in to have Hailey they checked me every hour or so and I can agree that it's frustrating as hell to hear there wasn't much change. It was even worse when they started the pitocin drip in me and they'd check me and say "sorry still no change, if there is it's very minimal" At one point I was fearing that I was going to go in for a Csection or something beause things just weren't moving. Even hubby thought it at one point.

I personally don't think they should be done till you're in labour, as if we're not uncomfy enough, then to have those weekly before just makes it worse. I also think in some ways it just adds to the anxiety of the baby coming soon if there's lots of movement, or frustration if there's nothing going on. It's good to know, but sometimes some things shouldn't be done/mentioned lol.

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I agree with pp, there's no need to have cervical checks at all. They don't indicate if labour is imminent, all they do is make you anxious or frustrated. I never had a check with DD at all, not until I was in active labour. It's also just another way to introduce bacteria into the environment which you obviously don't want.

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I'm going to opt out of them this time.. What's the point, really?

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With DD1 I was checked at 34 weeks, because I had been contracting (I was 3cm at that appointment and I delivered that week). Actually I was probably checked before then because I was admited to the hospital before then but I don't remember when it was.
With DD2 I wasn't checked until I went into the hospital at 35 weeks.
With DS I was checked at 26-28 weeks?? Can't remember exactly what week but my midwife wanted to make sure my contractions weren't doing anything, I was checked a few more times before he was born.
I was checked at my appointment last week (29 weeks) too, again my midwife wanted a 'baseline' in case I end up having to go into the hospital due to the contractions.

In a normal pregnancy I think a dr will check at 36 weeks when you have the GBS swab. Of course you can always turn down a check.

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I am going to ask to be checked at my appointment next Friday cause I'm stripping (clothes) for the GBS screen and I keep feeling cervical sensations that make me think I'm dilating or at the very least thinning. My doc doesn't like to do them very often, so unless something alarming is happening down there, I'm likely not going to be checked again until term.

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With DS I was checked I think at my last appointment which was 39 weeks, 5 days. With DD1, I was checked only at my last appointment as well which was about the same time frame. I noticed on some of the paperwork from the new practice that they start them at 36 weeks, but I asked last time I was in there to delay them for a few week at least until 38 weeks, but I'd rather not even be checked until I'm at the hospial in labor.

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With DS i was checked at my 39 week appointment but it was frustrating to be told i was "high and tight" so this time I won't be getting any unless it's medically indicated Smile

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Never. Blum 3

My midwife doesn't ever check you unless you ask to know. I believe it's pointless so I never asked. Never found out what I was at all with the last one, and won't know this time either. Smile

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Wow, not the answers I was expecting but it changed my mind about wanting to know. I never thought about it causing anxiety but I can see how it can do that and more anxiety is not what I need lol.