change in appetite

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change in appetite

My baby used to be a very ferocious eater. He would scream if you took the bottle away and he was eating 5oz every 2 to 3 hours. The past week he has become much less interested in eating. He will only eat about 4 oz every 4 hours. It is normal for baby's appetite to fluctuate? He is not running a fever...

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5oz every 2-3 hours is a lot for a young baby (a lot for any baby, really). What he is eating nowand how often sounds a lot more normal for a formula fed baby. But since it is a change, I'd go ahead and call the ped and see what their thoughts are. Is he still pooping and peeing enough?

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If it's 32oz a day total, I would think that is pretty normal.

My first little guy was eating around 36oz a day at 2 months, which I thought was a lot, but he acted starving if I didn't feed him that!

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He might becoming more aware of his surroundings. My daughter eats 4 oz when she takes a bottle so I'm assuming a similar amount when she nurses (7-8x a day, with 2 4-8 hour stretches).

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Kesler is always hungry lol!!! probably why he is gaining so much Wink he cant go more than 2 hrs in between feeding and even then screams like we are starving him,. hehe he has earned his name porkchop Wink
if your concerned it wont hurt to call your ped at the very least it will ease your concern.