Changing baby's name...

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Changing baby's name...

I think we are seriously considering it. I checked with the register of deeds and it's actually a very simple process before they turn 1 year old. DH mentioned a few days ago he wished he would have gone with Lucas rather than Isaiah and it got me checking into it. I do like the name Isaiah but it's just WAY too close to Josiah. We all mix up their names several times a day. I don't know, we'll see, now that I mentioned actually changing it to DH he said it'd be 'weird' to change it at this point. I can kind of see his point but we really don't actually call him his name yet anyways. I don't know, I guess we'll see. If we do it I want to do it sooner rather than later.
One other thing is with all the other kids their names have the 'a/ah' ending, we didn't plan it that way and it's not something I feel strongly about but I wonder if he'd feel...left out? Then I wonder if he wouldn't like Isaiah better than Lucas and be mad we changed it? I don't know, it's a big decision, feels almost like a bigger decision than actually naming him in the first place!

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Dh, two of his brothers and his sister have biblical names. One brother (the middle child) does not. NOBODY noticed their whole lives til I pointed it out one year at Christmas. Since his family is full of jokesters, the one brother got teased a lot that day, all in good fun.

I like the name Isaiah, but I can definitely see the hardship of having it so close to Josiah. And Lucas almost has that -ah ending. It would be a hard call to make, but I would definitely get it done soon if you do before everyone really starts associating Isaiah with him.

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I like the name Lucas and I can definitely understand the confusion as it is very similar to Josiah. I agree with Joni, if you are going to change it you should do it sooner rather than later. Good luck making a decision.

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I like both names. But, can see how Josiah and Isaiah would be too close. Good luck with your decision.

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Good luck deciding! I can definitely see how Josiah/Isaiah would get mixed up a lot. Considering that I called DH by DD's name the other day, I would probably never get it right ;-). I can definitely see why it would be a harder decision than naming him in the first place. I agree with Joni- if you didn't mention it, I doubt anyone would notice the a/ah ending thing.

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Definitely a hard decision. With Mason we named him from the time we found out he was a boy and that was just his name. But with Shaylynn, I never really had a name that just "stuck" kwim? Even Shaylynn I'm not entirely sure whether I picked it because that's what my Mom kept pushing, or because it's what I really wanted, but I never found a name that called to me and I liked the idea of her being named after me (Shay) and DH (Lynn). But it still hasn't become real natural to call her that, I of course spend much more time calling her sugar, honey, sweetie, etc, etc.

Just an idea though, but if you want to keep the a/ah sound, I really like Luka (or Luca). It was a consideration for a boy name, but we already have a Luke in the family.

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Good luck deciding I can understand how it can be confusing.

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A girlfried of mine has a cousin who changed her daughter's name when she was about 2. She wanted to name her after her dad, who's name was Cornelius. Her family poo pooed the name Cornelia, so she named her Cosette instead. Her toddler couldn't say it, so they called her Cokie as a nickname.

When Cokie was two she had some sort of accident. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance the mum just kept saying in her head "please be ok Cornelia". Thats when she realized that she should have named her that in the first place, cause that was her name in her heart.

So what do you feel when you look at him? If someone caught you off guard and asked his name, what pops into your head? I don't think there is anything wrong with changing his name, if you guys feel that he should be a Lucas, go for it. And I agree that no one will realize the ending in A thing if you don't mention it.

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All of our kids have the same endings as well, and I didn`t realize it until after I had already named Kaylee. DH and I both said there were names that we should have named her instead of Kaylee but I don`t think I would change it because to me she looks like a Kaylee now. It woud be stange to call her a different name now.

What ever you decide, I love both names and I can understand how you get the two names mixed up. Wishing you luck in the decision making Smile

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"zoe08" wrote:

Just an idea though, but if you want to keep the a/ah sound, I really like Luka (or Luca). It was a consideration for a boy name, but we already have a Luke in the family.

I LOVE the name Luca! DH vetoed it... like everything else, including what we ended up naming him.

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Thanks for understanding Smile
We did decide we're going to keep his name as Isaiah. I just didn't feel right calling him anything else...and I did try. Plus dh still felt like everyone would think it was weird we were changing his name at this point. Hopefully as time goes on it's not quite as confusing with the names...and we may end up doing nicknames.

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My DH's sister's husband's sister (follow that? lol) had a baby recently and changed his name.. at 5+ months old!

So you wouldn't be TOO crazy if you changed his name at this point. Wink