Checking in and OMG Heartburn!!!

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Checking in and OMG Heartburn!!!

Hi all! I feel like such a lame duck this time around. Between cleaning and running after a 2 year old i'm lucky if I get to check in once a week let alone post Wink

so i had my 16 week appointment last week and baby is doing great. HB was fine and my fundus is measuring on track LOL. I scheduled my anatomy scan for May 5th but we still aren't sure if we are going to find out or not :eek: My mom and MIL are driving me nuts bugging me about it so I think I might just cave and do it.

And is anyone else getting heartburn already? It's been horrible for me this week. The last 3 days I've had it every night after dinner no matter what I eat. i had horrible heartburn with ds but it didn't hit unil close to 30 weeks, i'm afraid it's going to last the entire pregnancy.

how is everyone else doing?

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:wavehello: glad to know you still exist! Lol

Sounds like you had a good appointment last week.

I've been suffering from heartburn from the first couple of weeks, and I've been on Protonix for about a month and this last week I've started getting breakthrough heartburn. :ouch: Gonna have to stock up on chilled bananas again. :rolleyes:

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I've been having heartburn for about a month. Sad I've been chewing TJ's papaya and pineapple enzyme pills like crazy. Thankfully, it helps.

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Glad everything looked good at your appt!
I've been getting heartburn lately too. It's been so different with each pregnancy but I'm still holding out hope that once things rearrange a little more as baby grows it might let up again Lol

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Hi there! Yes I have been getting heartburn too, but not terrible yet! So far TUMS do the trick when its really bothering me!

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Great to hear from you!

Gald your appointment went well!

Sorry about the heartbrun. I had it for the first time in my life on Monday for about a day and a half but havent' had it since. My doctor thought because I have been so constipated, everything is backing up Smile

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So sorry that you're having bad heartburn! Pregnancy heartburn is the WORST! I've only had it on and off, depending on what I eat. I seem to get it when I eat something really acidic (spaghetti sauce, or orange juice, for example). So I've been staying away from those types of foods. With DD, I didn't have it until the end of the pregnancy. It was awful. I hope you can get some relief from it!

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Yay for a good 16-week appt. I have acid reflux (when I'm not pg) so I've been on prescription prevacid since before the pg. I've been having really bad reflux and heartburn this pg so far, and a few nights I had to pull out the tums. My cravings have shifted recently though and I've been eating a ton of fruits and veggies and it's made a huge difference. I'm actually quite shocked how much better I feel.

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Yeah for a good appointment.

I've had heartburn bad for a few weeks now. It hits at least 4 out of 7 days a week. I just tend to take a few Tums before I go to bed and keep some in my purse for at work at all times. It doesnt seem to matter what I eat lately I still get it.

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you are the reason i don't believe the heartburn = a hairy head on a baby myth lol

I've only had very mild heartburn at night and if I drink some milk it is better. I hope it gets better for you! Though I have had crazy BH and you probably remember me having them with dd. The midwife said it is perfectly normal, even this early, but I'm with you - am I REALLY going to have to deal with this more than HALF of the pregnancy? ugh.

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"jonibug" wrote:

you are the reason i don't believe the heartburn = a hairy head on a baby myth lol

You're so funny! remember how bad i had it last time? I was literally in tears almost every night towards the end and Wyatt came out bald and didn't get real hair until 12 months! He's still only had 1 hair cut so far.

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sounds like a great appt! good luck deciding on what to do about the gender scan.

i've had heartburn since probably about month 2 and it's really getting bad. tums hardly work for me and i really don't want to get an rx for it so i'l probably just suck it up like i did with DD