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Cheer me up registry

So it's been a rough two weeks, not getting into any details, just SO and I have had some issues we've been dealing with which hasn't helped me since I'm upset enough with having had contractions this week. I know it will all be fine men just make me so mad cause they are so stupid sometimes.

I needed a pick me up so my best friend and I went to Babies R' Us this evening and I started my registry. We did Mexican for dinner, Starbucks for her, and then I got to pick out all my big items. It's amazing how shopping can help the spirit...LOL! I found this really cool play seat that has a piano on the feet and when the baby steps on it it lights up and plays music as well as has other music things around the seat. REALLY COOL especially since this kid will probably be musically inclind since he hears me sing and play piano all day long.

Anyone else start their registry?

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I started one but nobody knows. It's on amazon for me to know what we need to buy yet. At some point I'll make registries at stores that I know give you coupons/discounts for making one, but I probably won't tell anyone other than my mom.

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I'm glad you could get out and do something that cheered you up! I've started a registry, but so far it's really more of a list so that I can remember stuff that I need, there isn't any fun stuff on it... it's not as exciting the second time around when you already have most of the stuff! Lol! But I did register for one really cute blanket. I remember having sooooo much fun registering when I was pregnant with DD! This time, I just need a few things, I picked up several of them at the consignment sale, and we're getting hand-me-down clothes from friends.

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I have, but I'm more like the other girls, it's more of a list for me if the few things we need. I will probably share it if anyone asks, but I'm mostly doing it for the coupons, lol.

With Brandon, I was so overwhelmed. I was with my mom and my little cousin and we spent three hours in there and didn't even finish. I had to buy a belly bar because I got sick from lack if food, lol. Even funnier, I ended up changing most of the items later on anyway.

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I'm so glad you wrote this post! The other day I tried to make a registry online at babies r us, but a lot of the items were sold only online. Sad I called them and they said I should just come in and do it so my items can be bought in the store and not just online. I felt like an idiot because usually I don't do a registry until I'm way further along. I didnt want to go in to the store, look BARELY pregnant and be picking out items haha. but I'm glad you did yours, now i have inspiration to go do mine soon too lol

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I was not going to do one at all, but I think that I will do something simple so that i can get some coupons. Plus, some of the girls at work at going to have a shower, so I guess I need to be registered somewhere! Honestly, I am hoping that they will just do a diaper and wipes shower! LOL

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I'm sorry you and SO are having issues. Men can be clueless sometimes! Retail therapy is fun. Smile How exciting to find some cool stuff!

I'm not registering this time around, but we have gone window shopping for cribs and dressers, and even peeked at bedding. Makes it seem more real, doesn't it?

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Registries aren't as big here, we have them, but they aren't commonly used for baby showers-I haven't seen very many. Since this is my fourth I won't be registering for anything, we really don't need much and don't expect gifts given we have had four and our third is only 10 months. A few close friends and family likely will, but that will be about it. I remember with our first though researching all the options and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy your shopping and make sure you register for lots of essentials too!

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I'm glad others are registering. I went to target today and did my registry there. So the rest I can finish online. I am always planning way far ahead its a bad habit of mine but at least I feel prepared. I had to laugh Melissa you said going to the store bairly looking pg. I felt the same way but then I thought about walking around with a huge belly even more tired then I am now. Decided now was a better option LOL

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Gotta love a little retail therapy!! Glad you had a chance to take a break and focus on you and the baby!

I have a little registry on, again mostly things I need to get for myself, but a couple of things I hope others purchase for us. My MIL wants to have a shower for me this time around (They did a 'sip and see' after DS was born), so hopefully people buy from it so I don't have to! Smile