Chloe's BirthStory

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Chloe's BirthStory

Chloe’s birth was defiantly an experience for me,

I know I was in early labor for a week and a half before she came but it didn’t do much in progress. Tuesday morning I woke up with contractions which were painful from what I was having, in the middle of a storm. So I got up walked around the house to see if they were real, which they didn’t so I walked around and up and down the stairs since it was about 4 am went to bed and laid there or 2 hours not being able to sleep. So I went down stairs roaming the house, until my mom got up and we ventured to L&D about 9 am.

Making it there I was checked and monitored I had no change from my appointment Thursday which was dilation 2 effaced about 80%. So we sat to labor a bit and to be monitored, she came back and checked me again still no change so she went to call the doctor, my contractions became even more painful then she said she twisted the cervix around to the front so hopefully it would help a bit more.

After calling the doctor she came in and told us I was being admitted because babies heart rate kept going too low then too high, she wasn’t liking the contractions, so we got to the delivery room, set up and I labored for another few hours waiting for the doctor to come in and break my water, but I had to wait for the antibiotics to be put in since I was GBS + about 5 they decided to put me on pit. Because her heart rate didn’t want to stable I was on that for about an hour before I was checked and was then 100% and dilated up to 5. I got the epidural because I knew I wouldn’t be able to breathe or make it with how it was going and I figured if I had some control I could help her come out easier.

At about 6:30 they checked me again and I was about 7 and put an oxygen mask on which had me almost in tears but they said baby was really low and not getting enough oxygen. I was checked again at 6:50ish and the nurse stopped and said that I was 10 and my water had broke sometime in between then and baby was at +2 she could feel her hair. People started rushing around I was feeling really out of it then, doctor came in and told me to push when I felt the contractions which was going okay until about 6 pushes in they were losing her heart beat a lot, the doctor kept stretching me out trying to do what was possible to get her out before having to cut me so I pushed another set of three and she had to get the vacuum because she was stuck and just not coming.

She then did a couple cuts because baby was in big distress then after a few more pushes the doctor told the OR to go to stand by which then really had me paranoid. I pushed with another set of about 6 and she finally came out. They set her on me for a couple seconds then took her to clean her. Doctor after a few minutes said to push again to get the placenta to come out. She started and finished with sewing me up the asked me to push again for the placenta but still nothing so she felt around a bit more and realized it was still completely attached to me, she had to cut the stitches and manually remove the placenta, which took a bit but it finally came out she re-stitched me and it was all done then. I felt tired and then got cold and shaky, we were finally moved to another room where I had to stay on antibiotics for 24 hours. It was a long stay but everything came out fine. We learned she was coming out wrong so she had some bruises on her forehead/eyelids/head and her nose being squished down on one side.

I am just glad to have her hear now, labor was defiantly a new experience for me and it didn’t go at all of what I thought but I am glad we are both healthy.

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Oh wow! Glad you are both healthy as well. I too had to have my placenta manually removed, which was a bit traumatic for me. Glad everyone's ok. Looking forward to the pics.

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Glad she is here safe and sound. What an experience!

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That sounds rough...glad she's here and you're both okay! Congratulations!

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Sounds like a rough birth, very glad to hear you're both ok.

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What an experience! I'm glad everyone is ok and you didn't have to have a c/s.

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Not the experience you'd hoped for, I am sure! Glad you both came out ok on the other side.

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Congrats on your little girl! I'm sorry you didn't have the exact birth experience you wanted, but I know she makes up for it!