Christmas... present ideas?

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Christmas... present ideas?

So, what are you buying your little one for Christmas?
So far, I have a sock monkey hat, Sophie the Giraffe, and a couple of books. Not sure what else to get her...

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I don't think we're getting anything. I'm going to my parents house for a week for Christmas, and then to my in-laws for a week just after Christmas, so he'll get plenty from them. Seeing as I won't be home so anything I buy would need to travel with me, I don't see the point. I'm sure he'll get stuff after we get back and can hit some after-Christmas sales lol!

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Alli is getting a few little things and then she will get a 'big" gift from Santa. My kids always get a "big" or "expensive" gift from Santa that is left out and open. I will get Alli something because I don;t want my other LO's to question why "Santa" didn't get her anything...

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I have too many ideas for my little ones and too few ideas for my big kids! Lol Mainly cause I'm thinking practical for Isaiah, I mean he won't realize anything he gets at Christmas this year. So his convertible car seat is a likely gift as are toys that he can grow into. Our musical table broke so I want another one of those, perfect Christmas gift. I'm also doing a Sophie teether, probably a few diapers. We'll see but I do have lots of ideas

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We do 3 gifts for each child. Something to play with, something to read and something to wear. They get a stocking with items they need (toothbrush, flossers, socks, crayons, and a few surprises..)

I want to try this teether, so I might just get this for him as his "toy". He will get a book and I am debating whether to get him a new cloth diaper- I want to try the new FuzziBUnz Elite or get him an outfit. I figure he is going to get clothes as gifts from my parents, etc so I think I will go with a new dipe. Smile

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For DD, she mostly got books her first Christmas, and I'll probably do the same for Ronan. We love to read, and to encourage reading from an early age, so I like to start building their own collection of books. I still have books that I got as a child that I love, and some that I've passed on to my kids, so I want to do the same for them. We don't really need much (or anything) in the way of toys or clothes.

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The only reason Alice will get anything from us this Christmas is b/c of dd1, so it will be simple, probably some board books or baby toys.

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What is the deal w the Sophie teether????

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"PeppermintPatty" wrote:

We do 3 gifts for each child. Something to play with, something to read and something to wear.

We do something similar, except its 4 things....something to play with, something to wear, something to read and something to share. The share item will likely be a board game as the kids grow, but right now its usually a dvd. Then they get one "big" present from Santa that is unwrapped under the tree. Last year Hailey got the cozy coupe car from santa. I like the idea that they kids will know that they will get 4 wrapped presents under the tree, and I have gotten stamped metal tags made with the words play wear read and share on them that get attached to the gifts.

For Audrey, she's probably going to get a couple of Sandra Boyton board books that we are missing, an outfit, a small toy (rattle or something like that)...and we'll start using the share present for both kids. As far as what Santa is getting freakin clue!

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That Sophie teether is very popular. My nephew has one and loved it so we're getting one for CJ, most likely for Christmas. Other than that he'll probably get a few small toys, some clothes, some other practical things and a bigger toy (he can use when he gets a bit bigger) from Santa, since Santa can't bring something for Brandon and not CJ Wink

Forgot to add that Santa brings everyone new jammies (to wear Christmas Eve night) on Christmas Eve as an early present so CJ will get new jammies too

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kesler will get practical gifts (basicly cause Sky still believes in santa)
and I will get him a few toys he can play with when he is older. (omg its hard too believe xmas is around the corner)

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Shaylynn will mostly be getting clothes that I have stocked up from clearance sales and such in bigger sizes. I also got her a book, a stuffed giraffe, Beauty and the Beast DVD, and am planning to get her this: as her "big" present from us. I haven't decided what will go in stocking and what will be from us yet.

Santa is bringing the Crayola easel with chalkboard on one side white board on the other for both of them together.

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So DH and I sat down and brainstormed Christmas gifts this weekend. We get each of the kids a new ornament each year and Christmas pjs. We picked out and ordered the ornaments as we like to get personalized ones Saturday night. I also ordered a baby's first stocking and baby's first pjs that say "Selah's First Christmas" on the butt! I found a neat cloth stacking box toy that I also want to order and then I'll be done for Selah... she might get a rattle or something like that for her stocking, but then we'll be done with her.

As far as Sophie the Giraffe goes... I've seen lots of them around and heard that babies LOVE them for some reason. I ordered Selah's from Amazon... much cheaper than other places I've found them.

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I got Jayden a giant stuffed Simba and I want to get the Pumba one they have. Mom got him the Lion King BlueRay. I might get him some plastic or cloth books but that will be all this year.

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Cheryl! Jayden is adorable!!! I love his dark hair... such a sweet smile. Smile