Clearance sales!!!!

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Clearance sales!!!!

Fyi! I friend shared on FB that Target is having a clearance sale in the baby dept so I scooted over there last night and sure enough~! They had alot of big ticket items marked down! Cribs, strollers, swings, changing tables etc.... I bought a couple things, but if you need anything else you might want to check it out!!!!

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Awesome! I'll check it out!! We just ordered our crib from Target this past Monday, I wonder if it's cheaper now LOL.

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aww i love target!!!!!! cant wait till we get one in canada!!!

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I wonder if it's different days for depending on where you live. I was at Target on Monday and came across a baby playmat that was normally $60 marked down to $12! We already have one but I almost bought it anyways, managed to convince myself not to but then was going to 'just look' at it one more time before I left the store and it was gone! Lol

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"skylersmomma" wrote:

aww i love target!!!!!! cant wait till we get one in canada!!!

I know, now that we have Victoria Secert and Bath and Body works the only reason to go to the states is Target.

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scored a Birtax for $77! cribs were as low as $37, bouncers 420, its amazing! I wish I had looked closer when I got the car seat, I could have used a new infant one as well.

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I got a DuoGlide stroller for $70, a bouncy seat for $15, and a crapload of onesies/jumpers for less than $2. I'm going back tomorrow to see if they still have changing tables, they were $20. I love the Target clearances.

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Nice! Is this online or just in stores?

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As far as I am aware it is just in stores. They are making way for new stuff for the fall/winter.

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I was just there today. I didn't look on sales racks. I had coupons for the things I went in for and only got a couple of extra things. Sounds like awesome deals though!

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They didn't have much at one of mine today... a couple of changing tables, a swing for $45, and a bunch of booster seats.... I wasn't impressed.

May hit up the other one tomorrow. Smile

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Oh I'm tempted to go today to see if mine has clothes on clearance...we don't need much, I'd like to get just a few more socks and maybe a few other things