Cloth diapers & daycare facilities.

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Cloth diapers & daycare facilities.

Hi you guys! I know I've not been around much, kids & work have been keeping me busy but I wanted to stop in & share something with you all. I remember awhile back on the cloth diaper thread that was going here a few were concerned about cloth diapers & daycare facilitles. I was thinking these two links might be helpful to some of you who might be dealing with wanting to cloth but are worried about how it might work with a daycare.

And then the actual directory.

Hope this helps! Smile

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and you might be surprised even if your daycare isn't on the list! There were no daycares within 50 miles of me on that list but I was considering going back to work when DD2 was a toddler (and in cloth diapers) and interviewed a few day cares and at least 2 of them said they'd be perfectly fine with using cloth (and these were centers, not in home daycares) as long as I provided a bag to put them in and understood they couldn't "do anything different than they'd do with a disposable" aka deal with dumping poop. If a day care is hesistant I'd just explain to them that they wouldn't have to do anything different with your diapers other than put them in your wet bag instead of the garbage.