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clothing question

so i am beyond frustratedw with maternity clothing. i have maternity clothing that currently fit me. Pants is not biggie, i am pretty sure that the pants i have now will fit me to the end. My issue is shirts. i have a few shirts that i can wear now that it is warmer. i went to the local motherhoos maternity and didnt find too much, and they are expensive anyways. I am currently in an XL however i am pretty sure that in antoher month or so, XL wont fit me anymore. I have 2 shirt that are XXL that will fit me when i become really big, but they are dressy. i only bought them cause they were a bigger size and i am having a very difficult time finding clothing that is bigger than XL. i dont like shopping online for clothing. i have tried Kohls, target, MM, etc and found basically nothing. i want to hit up thrift stores, but the closest one is an hour away (atleast one that is decent) and i dont usually have time to drive that far. so on my way into work while i was brainstorming this, i thought, we all probably have this problem. so my question to you is, where do you shop? i could really use some tricks...i need clothing!! i dont think the boss would appreciate me wearing the same 3 shirst to work everyday...:wink:

Speaking of which:


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I feel your pain.. I also am having a hard time finding shirts, I am normally a 1x. I have resorted to shopping online.. it isn't fun but I dont think my boss or coworkers want to see me without a shirt. So far I have had pretty good luck with Old Navy and JCPenny online.

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I bought my maternity clothes at and I love them, so comfy and pretty

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So normally I am an XL, but I knew that was not going to work for long. I have order several things from and love them all! Also I have bought some 2x Tshirts from Target to get me by. My issues is pants I am going to need to buy more soon!

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Erin, Try Motherhood, either in the store or online for pants.

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I have the same exact problem. I did order a few dresses from old navy online that were great. I need to continue looking. We are actually going shopping this Saturday for clothes as virtually none of my old clothing fits :eek:

I posted this question on the plus sized board and got pretty similar answers (being that I am a plus-sized FTM too)

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At this point my maternity wardrobe is a mish mash. Some I bought when I was pregnant with my first daughter and son, some I've been given over the years, and some I've found on craigslist (I got some really nice ones for pretty cheap there). I was at Target yesterday and they have a lot of their summer dresses out and some look appropriate for work. Now, they aren't maternity (the ones I was looking at, I did see some maternity ones but they weren't as 'fun' as far as prints and maternity stylists seem to think every pregnant woman wants to showcase their breasts when designing dresses I guess) but if you size up they still might work. I'd try them on and see what you think they'll do when your belly is bigger. I *loved* dresses during the summer when I was pregnant with DS, not sure exactly how it will work this time since I was just in the second trimester most of that summer but I'm hoping I can do the same. Since this is definitely our last baby I just *hate* buying maternity clothes brand new knowing I'll never use them again.

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I am with the other girls, I love Old Navy but they don't sell the clothes at our store so I buy them online. They are super cute and not that expensive. I plan on buying some clothes for the summer (last time I was pg mostly in winter) there soon.

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I actually went to Kohl's the other day and found a bunch of clothes and dresses. They were not maternity but they are really stretchy material and will stretch nicely thru the pregnancy. I figure then I can also wear them afterwards as well. I know I've been looking for a lot of a-line tops. Luckily the style out now seems to have a lot of material at the bottom so they can be worn thru the pregnancy.

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I love Ross Dress for Less, though just like a thrift store, it can be slim pickins and usually you'll find something wrong with the item. Like I bought a pair of yoga pants and put them on at home and the same day DH pointed out a place in the seem at the calf where the material didn't meet up for the machine, so it's like it's a hole. *sigh*

I'm going to the mall on Sunday with MIL and will be hitting up the department stores to see what they've got. The mall is 1.5 hours from here, so I don't get to go that often. I'm also hoping to get my two hospital picture/going home outfits while there. I'm not sure what all we'll be able to accomplish as we will be bringing the boys with us and will have to stop to let them play and go to the teddy bear creations for more stuffed animals and .... We may hit up Chuck E Cheese for dinner (don't have one of those here).

I'm hoping to pick up a couple more shirts and a pair of capris or a skirt or something.

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Ditto buying up a size in non-maternity clothes. I just got down the box of maternity clothes the other day to see what all I had (was pg at the same time of year so I should be ok), but I will probably also get some longer shirts somewhere. Last time I know I hit up Old Navy for those, and did a lot of layering (long cami/tank under a regular shirt), but now the long tanks I have are just too tight/uncomfortable on my belly.

Right now if I'm not working (scrubs are big/stretchy enough), I am living in tshirts and/or sweatshirts, so it hasn't been an issue, but eventually (HOPEFULLY!) the weather will warm up and I can't hide in sweatshirts!

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i did check out old navy, i was looking at XXL and i found 4 cute shirts. i didnt order them yet, i was waiting to get advise from you all. I get nervous with online shopping and im nervous the XXL wll be too big. i have some XL maternity that will fit to the end, and i have others tht will fit for another month or so. i think im just gonna bite the bullet and order them and pray that they fit! and i think i need some spag strap shirts to lounge around in...tshirts are uncomfy now. they had them at old navy too...keep the advise coming ladies, i need all the help i can get. understand, you are talking to a girl who HATES to shop, period LOL so i really appreciate your guidance Smile

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what shirts do you like from ON... I may have them and can tell you how they fit me.

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I have ordered a few tanks from Old Navy but I get them in Tall. They are super long!

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when I went to Kohls, the maternity section was GROSS.

Im in the same boat you are - bordering on plus sized, but Im also petite so the big stuff at Motherhood was like trying to wear a tent.

I DID find some good stuff in Misses at Kohls - Avenue 9 makes these a-line shirts that are nice but not too dressy, and they fit just dandy. Im not sure they'll make it to August, but oh well.

I also hate Target with a passion, even their XXL stuff doesnt fit right - it's tight on the bottom and falling off the top

Total commiseration!

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Any of you ladies in Canada have suggestions? We don't have a lot of the stores you have all mentioned...does Old Navy sell maternity in the States? Cause they don't seem to here.
Pretty much my whole maternity wardrobe is from Thyme, but I'd love to have somewhere else to shop!

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"MandyMommyto1" wrote:

Any of you ladies in Canada have suggestions? We don't have a lot of the stores you have all mentioned...does Old Navy sell maternity in the States? Cause they don't seem to here.
Pretty much my whole maternity wardrobe is from Thyme, but I'd love to have somewhere else to shop!

Old navy sells maternity size S-XL in the store and everything online.