A cold?

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A cold?

So kinda all of a sudden at bed time last night (like midnight)Addisyn is snotty. She sleeps in the bassinet with an incline and I had her swaddled and she was sleeping and as I was falling asleep she was sounding all snotty in her breathing then would cough like choking. Had her in and out of the bassinet several times and found that if I sat up with her chest to chest she could breathe better. So I finally decided to take [CODE][/CODE]her to the couch so I could get some sleep with her there. She has no fever but I guess I'm calling the doc in the morning. Normally I wouldn't be so concerned with a snotty nose but it's messing with her breathing and she is still so young. I hope this isn't something nasty

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Sad i hope she feels better quickly!!! i cant imagine how difficult that is for you both. Kendra has been a little congested off an on but nothing majorso far, thank goodness. alot of babies are getting sick i've noticed, hope its nothing serious, for you or them.

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Poor baby! Isaiah got really stuffy right around 4 weeks (I think it was 4? Lol the weeks just blur together), he also had a fever but they reccomended just using the bulb syringe on him before bed to clear him out. It only helped a little, we had a few restless nights but fortunately it didn't last long. Hope Addisyn's clears up quickly too!

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Maya also is snotty but DS has a cold so I am sure she caught what he has. Lovely. She seems to sleep better swaddled in her bouncy type seat.

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Hopefully she is better soon and it's nothing to worry about.

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I noticed Daniel has been sounding a little snorty/congested lately. When I look up his nostrils I don't see a whole lot. I shoot some breastmilk up his nose to soften things up and use a suction, I tend to get some hard mucus bits.

Both girls had a nasty cold virus, so I am paranoid he will catch it next.

Hoping it clears up fast!!