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Poor boy. Daniel is congested. I am trying to do what I can to squirt saline and suction his nose out but it seems to be way up in his sinuses.

He is nursing ok, but needs to take a few breaks in between. I feel bad for him.

Is there anything else I can do??

As much as I try to keep the girls from touching him, etc, he still managed to get whatever they have right now (cold, runny nose and some congestion) I think it is going to be a looooong winter. I am anxiously waiting his two month check-up so he can get his first round of vaccinations!!

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So sorry he is sick Sad Have you tried using a humidifier?

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Poor Daniel. I was also going to suggest using a cool mist always helps Brandon.

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Kesler is sick too ( i have been using a humidifer and its been helping) thank god for the nose sucker too. hope daniel feels better soon!!

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Kendra has this too, its not fun and definately makes nursing difficult. we have a humidifier, which helps a little, but hers seems to way up there too so the boogie sucker (sorry, thats what we call it LOL) doesnt always work for us. Hope he feels better soon!

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i'll turn on the shower really hot and nurse in helps loosen everything. We are dealing with the same thing...thank goodness for cold season. Hope he feels better.

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Yes, nurse in the bathroom with the shower on the hottest setting, steaming up the room.

Cool mist humidifier.

Nasal aspirator (someone had to say it, right?) Wink before nursing.


Sleeping on in incline will also help a little.