Could baby really be settling down already?

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Could baby really be settling down already?

So today I have been having some extremely low pressure pains. Not so much pain even, just very uncomfortable. Standing too long, sitting too long, and when sitting on the toilette it feels like she is coming out! I don't remember this from DD. No contractions or BH's today. Not really worried, just wonder if this is normal for this stage.

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Ive been feeling the same way and I'm still a few weeks behind you! I brought it up with my NP on thursday and she didn't seem worried. It's not constant though, it varies from day to day

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"Cherrykitten" wrote:

Ive been feeling the same way and I'm still a few weeks behind you! I brought it up with my NP on thursday and she didn't seem worried. It's not constant though, it varies from day to day

Me too! Then the baby did some flip/flops and I don't really have that pressure any more. It was kinda uncomfortable.

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I have the opposite problem, baby is so high up right now I feel like I can hardly take a deep breath!
My first dropped super early though, it was at about 28 weeks and I was up north the whole weekend walking up and down steep hills and by the end of the weekend I noticed she was way lower. So it's not impossible, my dr confirmed it at my next appointment.

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I had that with DD. She dropped really early and then hung out there for the remainder of the pregnancy. I occasionally have that feeling with this little guy, but he likes to flip around make me nervous (and uncomfortable) trying out all different positions.

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I had that feeling too but it comes and goes and im only 25 + wks. It is uncomfortable, hope you feel better.

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Same here, very low pressure and when I'm sitting on the toilet it's the worse. Being a FTM I have no idea what's going on but my mw doesn't seem too concerned.

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it's interesting to me that you say that sitting on the toilet makes it worse. For me, that's the most comfortable location to be when I have that pressure. :dontknow: I get it for about a day or so each week, but it def is inconsistent.

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I have been having some low pressure as well. This baby is super low and has been this whole pg so it's been pretty uncomfortable. He favors my bladder a lot so I think a lot of the pressure has to do with him pushing on my bladder. It is worse for me if I am sitting straight up or walking too much but if I sit back reclined then it is more comfy I haven't had any BHs or contractions and I did mention it to the doctor and he didn't seem worried at all.

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I get that too, and I too find it terrible while going pee! And if I'm needing to poop it seems a million times worse like I'm trying to push her out. I hate it! She's head down too, the tech on Saturday confirmed it with my ulstrasound, and yesterday she was moving around and omg, the quick pain/uncomfyness down there was unreal, it's a feeling I can't explain much but it's not very pleasant lol. It's funny how just them moving around in there can make you experience pain/uncomfortableness you never thought you'd ever experience, and in places you never thought possible lol.

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I'm ok generally speaking although these babies are both high and low, but I'm with Lenora I cant sit straight up I need to be reclined to feel comfy.

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I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one feeling this. Yesterday was really bad I felt awful all day long he was sitting so low and I was hurting all fay. it.feels like he is already to go in my pelvis. It has also been difficult to go to the bathrooms uncomfortable I guess I should.say. Funny thing is I always picture how I've seen these women on tv that don't know they are I'm labor and deliver on the toilet at home. Stupid I know but its a fear.

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