Couple of twins pics

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Couple of twins pics

Going home

Twin lovin~

The girls are doing well. We have another weight check tomorrow and I am praying for a gain. They like to sleep more during the day then at night, but we seem to be holding up. They both have great lungs and they like to use Their nicknames from when I was pregnant definately seem to be holding true. Leah AKA Sassy is kinda bossy and Jocleyn AKA Shy Girl "Shy" is a tad more laid back. I will say that life is very hectic, but I LOVE IT!

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Oh they are SO precious! You are so blessed. Thanks for posting pics, I'm sure you are exhausted!!

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so precious! Smile

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They're beautiful, congrats again.

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LOVE the pics!!! They are precious! Glad you're all doing well :-).

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They are just adorable!!

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They are so, so, so sweet!!!

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Oh they are so, so sweet!!!

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AWE they are soooo precious!

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They are so sweet.

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:lurk: So precious and beautiful Erin! Biggrin Look at all that hair?!!?

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Love love love! I'm sure you are exhausted, but just looking at the pics of your beautiful girls makes me want twins! lol

Too funny that their in-utero personalities are holding true.

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So cute...that second pic is beyond adorable!!!

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*lurker *
they are cutiieessss

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Absolutely adorable!!!

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tfs. love the pics. be careful, jocelyn was nice and laid back and now over 3years later she's becoming quite sassy LOL