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Well I am sure I am just making it up in my head probably LOL but man last night I woke up at 3am and just felt off. I was sweating like a fever, and nauseous. Heartburn was horrible. and I couldn't sleep. I finally dozed back off at 4am. My gut was telling me my body was freaking out on me because maybe labor is near.

This morning I am feeling a bit crampy, and my lower back is sore. I am getting to that time in pregnancy where with every pain, I am quick to think I am in labor. lol. It sucks.

I would be happy if he came any time now, but then again tomorrow is the showing of my step FIL, and then wednesday is the funeral. So I would hope Logan holds off until at least Thursday..But then again I hope I am not crampy like this for a long time.

anyone else crampy/back sore? I am sure body is getting ready but it's probably nothing...It's my 3rd..wish I would know this by now. LOL

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I hear ya on the cramps and sore back.. felt like that all weekend.. today so far nothing other then sore hips. I also need this little one to stay put until thursday.

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Melissa, this is my 5th and I still have no freakin clue what's going on!!! My first 4 went nothing like this - I never experienced the false labor, the crampy/backaches/tons of pressure etc like I am with this one. I am sure that This baby is gonna give us a run for our money when she's actually here, however I constantly feel stupid. Like uh, hello, 5th baby shouldn't I be a pro and could teach everyone what to do, what to feel etc?

Hope he stays put till Thursday and that you can get some sort of relief. You're getting rather close till the end so it really could be anytime now!

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I'm sorry you're feeling icky- and I hope he stays put until Thursday! But it's kind of nice to know that I'm not the only one who has no idea what to expect, or when to expect it!

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I am wworried I will not know when I am in labour! My back is also so sore I dread moving. Poor DD has watched a lot of TV over the past few days!

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I constantly think everything is labour...and then nothing happens. Hopefully, something happens for you soon.

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It sounds promising, but then again who knows! Some women say 'I felt crampy RIGHT before I went into labor' and others say 'was was crampy for weeks before I went into labor'. I wish this part of pregnancy was more predictable!

Hope Logan decides to stay put until Thursday for you!

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My back is definitely sore and I've had some sharp twinges but nothing I think is even remotely close to labor. I didn't feel contractions last time though so I'm also worried that I won't recognize that I'm in labor when I actually am. Luckily for me I go to twice a week appointments for nst's so I'm sure the doctor would notice if I was having a lot of contractions.

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"MelissaLynn13" wrote:

I am getting to that time in pregnancy where with every pain, I am quick to think I am in labor. lol. It sucks.

:biglaugh: I'm at the same point.

I remember with DD, I was crampy overnight and started having contractions the next morning, and she was born at 7:30am. So maybe this is the start of something?