Crazy week so far- and it's only Tuesday!!!

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Crazy week so far- and it's only Tuesday!!!

I started the week on Sunday spending all morning in Labor and Delivery. I woke up that morning and went to the bathroom as usual but when I wiped there was bright red!! I had no idea what was going on- no DTD in the last 72 hours, no cramping or pain, no other clues or symptoms. I headed straight for the emergency room. Since I am over 20 weeks I was sent to L&D for a work up. After finding a strong heartbeat and good movement with the monitor, an internal exam, four tubes of blood being drawn, and an ultrasound they determined that I had probably overdone it the day before and had just ruptured a cervical blood vessel. I was ordered pelvic rest and staying down as much as possible for 48 hours.
That afternoon was spent with DH and both girls seeing five houses (in process of looking for our first house).

Then Monday- (bleeding had stopped btw) I was at work by 7am. In the afternoon I had to follow up with my OB who did her own exam and said that everything looked fine. Right after the appointment, it was back out to see five more houses.

And then today- back to work at 7am then to the realtor's office during my lunch break to sign the paperwork for an offer on one of the houses. Grocery shopping after work then home to two very hyper little ladies. I am finally enjoying time on the couch with TV and the laptop while DH is upstairs with the girls watching a movie. Of course, as soon as the movie is done quiet time will be done and it will be back to the grind trying to rangle them into bed.

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I'm glad everything was ok and the bleeding stopped. Try to take it easy as much as possible, which I know is hard to do. Good luck w the offer on the new house

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Wow that is a crazy start to the week! Good luck with the house hunt! It's a great time to buy Smile

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Sounds like you've had a crazy week so far. Good luck with the house-hunting.

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Wow - I think so many of us are pushing it too hard...what's with all the bleeding on this board? Sad

We all need to relax! You too mama, try to take it easy at least once a day for a little bit, sit down, have a tea and collect yourself.

GL with the house hunting btw! Incidentally, I'm a REALTOR, so I go out and see houses everyday too - sometimes I'll go oto 30-40 a week! Can be tough.

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wow! I hope things slow down for you-any luck in the house hunt and the offer you put in?

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No, haven't heard anything on the offer yet. It is a short sale which can take a long time (which we don't have). So, we wrote a response deadline of 6/20 in the offer. If we don't hear from them by then we are going to walk away and move on to an offer on our next choice.