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Cristina (Maelani)/Hot Seat

It's your turn.

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Do you want more children?

Can you share pics of your house?

What about a belly pic Dirol

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DH and I talked about the possibility of more kids, since this is his first, and my boys are so much older. I am not entirely opposed to it, but we both decided to wait and make that decision after this little one is here. I might not feel up to having another one after going through that newborn stage again lol! But at this point in time, I do want at least one more.

My house is an apartment, so no outdoor pics Sad I will take some later today, after I pick up a bit and post them.

Here's my most recent belly shot, from about 5 mins ago lol! It happens to be belly shot day today hehe.

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If you had to guess where you would be in 5 years where do you see yourself?

What is your favorite movie?

What is your biggest fear?

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Hmmm the 5 year thing isn't much of a guess lol! DH will be retiring from the Navy in 5 years, so we have basically anywhere in the world we can go after that. We will either end up in Ohio, where he is from, and I LOVE, or wherever our last duty station takes us, if we like it and choose to settle down there. I absolutely adore Washington, and part of me hopes we stay here because I wouldn't mind making this my home and raising kids here, but we will go wherever the Navy sends us.

My favorite movie... man I used to have an answer to this, but I am such a moviephile, I have hundreds of DVD's! Across the Universe was my favorite for a long time, but lately I've been rather obsessed with The Other Boleyn Girl. I also LOVE Johnny Depp (we have a ton of his movies lol) and more recently I've become a big fan of Natalie Portman (tho I didn't like Black Swan). So I can't just pick one favorite lol! Unless the entire Harry Potter series counts as one favorite lol!

My biggest fear... that something will happen to DH when he's not home. I worry about that alot. He has gotten hurt on his last two deployments (separated shoulder on one, and a giant gash in his leg on another) so I constantly worry about him when he's gone. I also worry that he won't be here for the birth. I worry ALOT about pre-term labor, mostly because he will be gone so much this pregnancy.

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If you could have one wish, what would it be?

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Cristina! Can I just say I admire you posting your belly pic? I'm plus sized too and my belly goes the SAME way as yours... kinda hilly, I call mine a stretch marked rollercoaster LOL. Anyways, to know that I'm not the only plus sized lady on the board makes me feel more comfy with possibly posting belly pics. With Hailey I think my first wasn't till about week 29, so I got a while yet before I get brave enough to post any :). Anyways, hope you didn't take that the wrong way but up till now I thought I was the only plus sized momma Smile

Now, I'd like to know:

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Do you have any pets?

I'd also like to see:

Your favourite pic of just you and hubby
A pic that represents where you live - a landmark, historical site, anything that your town/city is well known for.
Favourite family pic.

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One wish.... easy, A house.... I have wanted a house for sooo long, and we got close to buying a couple of years ago, but instead we opted to get married lol! It was probably the right choice to make. We're just now recovering from that, so we might think about buying at our next duty station.

Kristina, thanks for the kind words about my belly shot Smile I am finally starting to look PREGNANT instead of fat, which surprised me. I have been taking belly shots every week from 6 wks on, but I haven't posted them all. I have a few up in my September space tho!

Now, if I could go anywhere in the world, it would have to be Australia. My DH promised me when we first started dating that he would take me. He's been before, courtesy of the Navy, so I'm insanely jealous lol! This will probably be a trip we take after he retires.

If I won the lottery, I would buy a house! And new cars lol! And a dog! And then maybe buy my sister a condo so she finally has a place of her own (she's sort of a vagabond who's finally finding roots!) The rest would go into investments, with a trust set aside for college funds for each of my kids. Then when DH retires from the Navy, neither one of us would have to work! We could just live off his retirement pay and the interest from the lottery winnings, and travel all over the world!

I have 3 cats!!

Morris is a lover, very sweet but fat so its like being mauled when he wants to snuggle lol!

Andy is nicknamed the Crack cat. When he was younger, he would 'crack out' and run all over the house like he had a ghost on his tail. He still twitches his tail like he's going through withdrawals or something lol! He LOVES Mike, and will literally spend entire days just sitting in his lap.

Shadow is our newest addition, though she's a month older than Andy. She was my friends cat, and when she couldn't keep her any longer, I took her in. She was very skittish at first, didn't like other cats, but is now very much a part of the family. She's my baby girl.

Man... favorite pic of just me and DH.... I have tons of them lol! This one is my favorite wedding picture tho.

I took this with my phone literally minutes after we had our kiss lol! We were squirreled away in a room waiting for everyone to move into the reception hall so we could have our grand entrance, and I grabbed my phone, snapped that picture, told the phone to send it to Facebook, and then threw my phone on a couch and left it there lol! It eventually sent the picture to FB for me!

This one was taken by my son Smile It was done in Feb and I think we both look ridiculously happy and in love :love1:

As for a picture about where I live, I have one better! A video!
This is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which you cross on the way to the area I live in. It has obviously since been rebuilt and doesn't do that waving anymore, but its a pretty famous video (which I first saw when I was 12!) and its crazy that I live here now lol!

My favorite family pic... Hmmm this is my favorite of me and my boys, taken many years ago lol!

And this of the WHOLE family, which is really the ONLY family picture I have with both Mike and the kids!

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Here's the house pictures!

Here's my living room:

My kitchen:

And my bedroom: