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I found myself crying for no reason today. Hormones? I guess I should start with how my morning went. First, DH let me sleep in. When I finally woke up he told me to go lay in bed and watch tv. He brought me coffee and a yogurt for breakfast and took Kelly for a walk. It was great, I just lounged for about 2 hours. That never happens.

Next, I went to change the laundry and Kelly was running around. He ran in the bathroom, I heard a clunk and he started crying. He somehow fell down, bit his lip, cut his upper gum with his lower teeth and was bleeding all over. He screamed for a good 15 minutes before finally calming down. We tried to give him some motrin, but he wouldn't take it. He was also super tired because it was nap time. I tried giving him his bottle and putting him down for his nap. His mouth was hurting so bad he couldn't drink from his bottle. This made him start crying again. He cried for about 30 min. while I was trying to get him to fall asleep. Finally I put him in his crib crying. He cried for about 10 more minutes and then went to sleep.

We cleaned up and house and I showered. I was kinda tired and achy so I was laying on the bed. DH came in and was talking with me and I told him I felt like crying. No reason. I still don't know why. I had a good cry and then I was done. It is the weirdest thing, because I rarely cry. It's not that this is a bad thing, it just came from nowhere. I'm thinking crazy hormones.

Sorry for the novel.

Happy 4th of July!

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Gotta love them hormones. i dont cry much either, but when i do i CRY, but afterwards i feel 100% better. i hope you have a good evening and Happy 4th to you as well!

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Hormones!! Lol I found myself criing the other nite to a chevy commerical don't ask me why all the commercial was about was chevy trucks driving across a desert lol! I think I have temporaroly lost my marbles :/

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I dont cry either but there have been numerous times.through out the pregnancy I have just broken down for no reason or stupid reasons. I think we all do u said crazy hormones.

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DH was using a hot glue gun the other night and was talking about how much he used it as a kid. I realized I never used one before (I was pretty sheltered against anything dangerous) and I started bawling. I hate these hormones.

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For all you FTM out there, if you think the random crying is bad now, wait until baby comes. You will cry at everything the first few weeks!!!

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It's probably the hormones. I am a crier by nature, but it's been so much worse since I've been pg. I cry over literally everything, lol.

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Well, I had another good cry last night. I was putting Kelly to bed and realizing that my days of letting him fall asleep on me are numbered. I realized that pretty soon, he won't be my baby. It was also a happy, exciting cry that pretty soon, we will have another baby to dote on.