Csection moms - how long did you bleed for?

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Csection moms - how long did you bleed for?

Just curious how long the bleeding lasted for those who had a csection? I only bled for a week and haven't had anything since... is that normal?? With my vaginal births I always bled for 3 weeks, with my other csection I bled for two week (but it was twins). Just wondering what the rest of you experienced.

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Im mostly done, but have the occasional remnant here and there.

she'll be 3 weeks on Tuesday.

With Brayden, I think I was done by 4 weeks, but I dont exactly remember well.

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I have started and stopped several times. I think I can finally say that I am no longer bleeding or spotting, but I am still wearing a pantyliner as I still have some discharge. All in all I would say about 5 wks (spotting).

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Sally, I had a similar experience. I bled l(not even very heavy) for about a week. That is it. Iwill be two weeks post-partum and I am done bleeding and done with any discharge for that matter. I was quite surprised as I thought I would be bleed for 3-4 weeks like I did with my girls (vaginal births). Perhaps the doctors cleaned me out pretty good??

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I bleed for 4-5 days after. Had nothing for about 1 1/2 wks then started with dark brown spotting. Slowly, it started getting bright red. I have been on BCP for 3 1/2 wks now and Carter is now 7 wks old. I'm having my first pp af now but haven't stopped bleeding since it started up again. I will be glad when it stops though.

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Wow, spoke too soon. I took the girls for a walk and put Daniel in the Ergo. I came inside to use the bathroom and had to change my unders and my pants! Oops. I guess the more active I am.......

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I thought I was done, but I was spotting still today. Booooooo. I'm so over spotting.

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I think I bled for several weeks after my first two c-sections. I am still bleeding two weeks later with this one but my experience might be different this time since I am on blood thinners.

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No csections but all of my vaginal births have been different, I've bleed 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 weeks and this time I bled 2 weeks and spotted until 4 weeks pp...5 weeks pp today and nothing for the last week even with going for daily walks, mild exercise and DTD so it should be done Lol

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Everyone is a little different. With my vaginals I bled for a full 6 weeks - 4 of it heavily. With my c-sec I bled steadily for 3-4 weeks and then lightly until about 5 weeks then stopped.

GL - I hope you all continue to heal quickly and successfully!

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I think I bled for almost the full six weeks. It started getting lighter at about two weeks but then at four weeks I started heavily bleeding and had to go to the ER. They gave me medication to contract my uterus and the bleeding slowly tapered off after that and was completely gone by about six weeks.

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I'm finishing up now and they'll be a month on Thrus.