Curious about measurements..

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Curious about measurements..

Everyone I know seems to think I'm further along than what I am... I'm 32 weeks and I measure a lil over 38. WHY Am I measuring 6 weeks ahead?? Kyan is already over 5lbs!! And The way I hurt, Ohh man.. I can't see myself with a lil more than 6 weeks left till my Csection.. It's CRAZY! I honestly don't know how I'll make it that long! Is anyone else measuring a month or more further along??

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I am starting to think measurements are useless.

I have the opposite problem. Two weeks ago, an U/S measured the baby 3 weeks behind and they started dicussing intrauterine growth restriction. My fundal hieght was normal. Last week, they did another growth U/S and baby was right on track (four weeks of growth in week - I doubt it) and my fundal height was behind. And there is no explaination for it.

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IMO, those measurements mean absolutely nothing. They really can't get an accurate reading of anything.

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Yesterday at my appt I was measuring 48 wks :bigblink:

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Measurements are kind of arbitrary. This pg I am measuring about a week ahead and a week ago baby measured 4lbs. 10oz. according to the u/s. That actually seems pretty accurate. The only thing that surprised me was that his estimated weight doubled from 28 to 32 weeks.

When Brandon was born though, my fundal height was right on target (the two weeks before he was born I was actually measuring behind) but Brandon ended up being 5lbs. 14oz. which is pretty big for 34 weeks.

I think baby's position has an impact on fundal height.

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I agree, I think the measurements are not very useful. I am short, 5' 2" with a very short torso. There is not much room between my bottom ribs and my iliac spines (the top part of your hip bones). Where the heck am I supposed to put a baby? I have no where to go but out, so I measure big.

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I'm with Meghan, though I have an inch on her Wink , everyone has thought I was almost due for the last month but my midwife said he only feels about 5lbs right now and 5lbs is definitely not a full term baby. Honestly I trust my midwife feeling more than the ultrasounds, she's proved more accurate in my experience and I've heard the same about a lot of them that do it on a regular basis.
As far as fundal height, up until my 31 week visit I was measuring big, then small and at my appt last week right on target, they are just all over the place!

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I dont trust messurments..i have heard of ppl being induced for big babies and end up with 6lbs babies :eek:
By u/s and my fundal height kesler has been meesuring small, I think it is how baby is sitting. try not to worry

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I don't trust em either. I measured big with DD. They said she weighed 6 lbs at 35 weeks and would gain another 5 lbs average before birth, leaving me with an 11 pound baby if she was born on her due date. SHe was born a week and a day late weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz. I was pushing for induction at 38 weeks because of her size, my doc wouldn't do it. Thank goodness. If she gained the average 1 lb / week those last few weeks, then she could have only been 4 lbs 13 oz when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Preemie size. SMALLER than my friends 32 week preemie.

This go around, I'm not even asking what I"m measuring. I figure this is a situation where ignorance is bliss Dirol

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I know they say US measurements can be off but for me during all my pregnancies they have been pretty darn close. With Cole I had an US about a week before he was born that they estimated him at 8.6...he was born at 42 weeks weighing 8.12

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At my 36 wk appt Monday, I was measuring 43. With DS, I measured 45 at my 38 wk appt before my c/s. He was only 7# 12oz. They are pretty useless I think. It's all in the way they are laying and how you are carrying.