Current LO/sibling pics thread?

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Current LO/sibling pics thread?

I know Patty had done some pics, so I thought I might start a thread for everyone to post current (or not so current!) pics of their LOs.

Cassandra's getting BIG. She was 9 lb 15.4 oz this past tuesday at the BF support group.

We like to encourage early reading, so if she isnt starving to death after bathtime, here's what we do:

Big brother also LOVES to play with her. Sometimes it's all we can do to keep him OFF of her!

Her big brother is getting so big, he WANTED to put on his Halloween costume and pose for a pic, so here THAT is:


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Too cute! I love it!!!

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About a week ago:

Just the other day- Big sister = Dr.

Our best attempt at a group self-portrait:

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Good timing!!

Love all the pics of your LOs!!

Taken just this morning Smile

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Adorable! I'll have to upload some, I need to go and pick up his 6 week picture this weekend too, so maybe I'll take a picture of all the kids' 6 weeks pictures together Smile

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here is a pic of big brother giving Kesler a bottle
big brother sky

and a picture i looked at everyday when I was in the hospital
3 loves of my life

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We are having family portraits taken tomorrow... at least as long as she's still coming. I didn't have her phone number to call and confirm with her, so I sent her a FB email instead and told her to call me and confirm what time.

Sadly, Daniel was running out the door after me and slipped and sliced his upper lip open on our rugged sidewalk. He's got a nice road rash on his nose and under his nose. The lip is no longer swollen today, but yesterday it still was (this happened Thursday). Perhaps the road rash won't be so bad tomorrow. :confused: