Cute check up

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Cute check up

so i had my monthly check up and Dh joined me. he wantedt o meet one of the dr's who will deliver the baby. Awwww..

My Bp was 130/60, slightly higher than my norm but my dr isnt worried about it. I gained 5 lbs since my last visit and she was VERY happy about that. which made me realize, hey, food isnt a turn off anymore YAY! we scheduled my next appt with the glucose at the same time and she told me to eat protein for breakfast. she asked all the typical questions and was pleased with the answers so she had my lay down and she whipped out the tape. it was my first time being taped. i was kinda excited about that LOL i am measuring at 23/24 weeks which is perfect. so then it was time to find baby and she tried ont he right side and she got frustrated. i let her know that we ALWAYS find her on other side so she switched and found it instantly, to the side and just below my belly button. Kendra was moving around alot so she couldnt get a good HB at first but then all of a sudden Kendra stopped. next thing i know i feel MAJOR movement, for about 10 seconds up high in my belly (until now i only felt her kicking really low). dr even felt it with her hand! she announced the HB at around 150, which is normal and chuckled about how active she is! DH is pissed cause the dr felt GOOD movement before him! LOL normal appt that ended with my first REAL baby flipage!

OH and i realized that my baby shower is...NEXT MONTH!! OMG where did the our pregnancies go?? LOL

Sorry so long, thanks for reading! hope you all have a great day!

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How exciting to feel all that movement. Showers already?!? How fun!!!! I'm so excited for you.

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LOL I've been teasing my hubby about the movements. This little bean was pretty active last night and I thought maybe he could feel something. As soon as he put his hand where I told him too, the baby stopped moving! Then he took his hand away and the bean was back at it :ROFL:. BOTH my girls did that, the boys never did stuff like that so he's like, well now it HAS to be a girl LOL.

Glad you had a good checkup, and don't worry your hubby will feel some good stuff soon enough Biggrin

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How funny, I'm sure DH will get to feel some good movement soon. My little one is sneaky too. I have been feeling some really strong kicks lately that I know I should be able to feel from the outside, but the second I put my hand there, the little stinker stops, lo.

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Yeah for a good SO has been frustrated as well cause Jayden stops moving when he for a to feel as well I told him give it time