the day of "comments"

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the day of "comments"

That was my day yesterday!

First, my work is a non profit and we have a big training going on for the next week and a half. so this is the week that i see alot of my friends through that i rarely see. the looks on many of their faces when they walked in and see me was so funny. one of them, i call her Mamma, she's a nurse comes in and makes a fuss over my belly. no biggie, so a little later, while my office if full of ppl and we shop talking, she comes in from a different angle and she see's my sideways and she started shouting about how big i am! Luckily, i am well aware that i am big for how far along i am so she didnt offend me none. but everyone started laughing including me! all i said, "well, i wasnt a stick figure to start off with" LOL

After work, DH and i decided to go mattress shopping and phone shopping for brianna. she is going is gone right now to my friends house til next friday and then after that she is probably going to Florida with my other friend for a little over 4 weeks. so we broke down and got her a cell phone. well, i got ME a new phone andi gave her my old one LOL...anywho, the waittress comes up to me and says "any day now huh>" DH just looked at me and i said "yup, anyday now". he commented on how i must get tired of it. i guess im just getting used to it.

after THAT, we went to sears to look at mattresses (found a queen mattress for $400 that is SO comfy for DD). Hubbie was in bathroom and i was waiting for him. a woman walked by me out of the blue and says "congratulations to you on having a girl". :eek: i guess i looked at her strange and she stopped and says, "it is a girl, right?". i told her yes, and she said that she could tell cause i am carrying high. I told DH and he chuckled. so i guess im carrying high! LOL

it was a good evening all in all, though as soon as i got home and took off my shoes, my ankles swelled. it wast eh first timei had swelling when i didnt wear sandles. let the torture begin Lol

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I hate comments, luckily I've been so tiny thus far that I haven't gotten any really. But I seriously think if some stranger puts their hand on my belly I'm going to put my hand on their belly.

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I always like how some people say you are so huge and other people say that you are so tiny. People don't think about what they say. if you are hug, you know you are huge. If you are average size, you can feel huge. I also know some people who were tiny and they were so self concious about it.

I never had strange people touch my belly but I hated taking DD out to the store and having random people touch my baby.

My favourite comment with my first was when I was out buying a camera bag after my due date. The salesman asked when I was due and I said 8 days ago :eek:

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I have yet to get a comment! I think its because I'm not a skinny minnie to start with...

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Strangers don't often comment to me, though when they do they almost always stick to the old "wow, you have/are going to have your hands full!". Or when I'm with DS and they are talking like this is my second baby and giving advice or their opinion on how DS will be when the baby is born and I tell them it's #4 they always get a look of shock Lol I really don't think 4 kids is all that rare, it's not the 'norm' but I know plenty of people with 4 kids.

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I still dont get any comments yet. Honestly I sometimes wish I did because people still run into me etc in stores and dont think twice about it. When I ask for help lifting things etc they look at me like I'm crazy. It's annoying to have to tell them I'm 7 months pregnant I can't do it...and they are like your pregnant?...I just want to say NO I'm just FAT..LMAO:eek:

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I've started to get the questions...when are you due, what are you having, stuff like that. I start showing really late, so I've mostly escaped the comments up to this point, but I'm sure they'll start up now.

When I was pg with DD, the comments were common, especially from older people who found out it was my first, they just had to pass on their "wisdom." Also when I mentioned that I was planning to cloth diaper, they were like "uh, that's harder than you think, it won't last." Even my family made comments like that which really cheesed me off - well I haven't used a disposable yet, hah!

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Luckily I haven't gotten too many comments yet. Most people just ask if it's a boy or a girl. I got tons of comments last time though, especially from the parents at the school I taught at. I remember one parent asked me how far along I was and she made a comment to the effect of I'd better watch myself because my butt was getting so big already. It took all my strength to smile and just walk away, lol.

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I forgot that last time I had several people (a coworker and MIL) who thought they were being really witty by repeatedly asking if I was sure there weren't twins in there.

The same coworker also told me I was having a boy because I was gaining so much weight in my butt.

I've had no comments this time other that DH saying he can't imagine how I can get bigger :eek: and my SIL visiting when I was around 14 weeks and going home telling everyone that I was huge.

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ok, i have received the "twins" comments too, but they were from close family and friends who LOVE to pick on me. so i knew it wasnt meant in a bad way so it didnt bother me.

However, i think i would bust out crying and probably slap a b*tch who said my butt was getting big LOL darn hormones LOL

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I haven't gotten any comments like that yet but I have been getting the "oh you don't even look pregnant!" and I hate it! I know people are trying to be nice but for heavens sake, did I look this chubby before I got pregnant?

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You do eventually get used to some comments, but other's do kind of throw you for a loop.

With me, since this was an 'oops' and so soon after Hailey, I've heard it all. "You're really going to have your hands full" "what, another one? Didn't you just have one?" "Don't you think it's time to get snipped/tubes tied?" "that's too many kids to have this day and age! Norm now is 1 or2 and it's too expensive to have anymore than that" "Thought you said you were done?" "That's what happens when you don't use anything" The list goes on.