DD1 and DD2 comparison pics

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DD1 and DD2 comparison pics

been wanting to do this for awhile. addisyn came out as a clone of DD1. the funny thing is DD1 is my clone, and Addisyn is proving to look like daddy the older she gets


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Too cute! They definitely look almost like the same baby!
DD2 and DS1 are similar to your two. They look the most alike of all the kids and yet DD2 is my clone and DS1 is DH's clone! Weird how genetics work, DD1 and Isaiah look like each other too, they are more of a combo of dh and I.

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Definitely sisters!

I have been wanting to do a comparison of my girls too.. Can I hijack your post and put some up? (Have to go look for them first!)

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Newborn pics- DD1 on left, DD2 on right

DD1 at 2 months (left) vs DD2 at 1 month (right)

And a shot of them together now.. definitely similar facial features, even with the age difference!

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Too cute, you can definately tell they're all related! I did a comparison pic of Heather & Hailey in the same sleeper sitting in the carseat at 2 weeks, however, with my csection and other things going on, I totally didn't think to do it with Alyssa, wonder if I can get away with doing it now at 6 weeks? She still looks much like she did when she was born, just a bit bigger... hmmm.