DH and baby kicks

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DH and baby kicks

So yesterday, I called DH over real quick like and was gonna make him feel the baby, but baby stopped cause he took too long. Sad

Then DH says "Honey, I've felt the baby move before..." I said, "You have??? When??!!", and he gently replied "While you sleep, sweetie. It's real soft, but definitely not gas" Lol

So cute. Smile

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Haha, too funny! That is the same way dh felt dd move, only he felt her three days before even I did. When I found out I was so mad he didn't wake me. Smile

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Awe that is sooooo cute Smile

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My DH feels the baby while I am sleeping too. I always lay in bed before going to sleep staring at my tummy, watching it move and feeling baby kick, and am always disappointed DH doesn't seem too interested but he says she already kicks him all night!

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That's great! DH has let DS feel everything so far so he can be more involved. So, DH hasn't felt anything this time yet. We were cuddling in bed the other night and his hand was on my belly and Carter was making very light movements so DH couldn't feel him. I think it's great that he's trying to let DS be involved though.

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Oh my gosh that is the cutest thing ever!

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How cute. This little one is definitely kicking strong enough to feel from the outside but as soon as we put our hands there it stops...little stinker.

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awwww.....that is so sweet Smile

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That is very sentimental! I love it!

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The comment about it not being gas is so funny, but what a cute thing!! This bean was kicking really strong last night and everytime I tried having hubby's hand there, he/she stopped moving! All I could do was laugh cause it was so funny. Then when it did move strongly, he still couldn't feel it, but it should only be another week or so till he can. He suspects it's a girl, my boys didn't care who touched my belly, the girls on the other hand played this game. Move and kick so I could feel, stop/go slightly for hubby, then start up full force when he gave up and left lol. We'll see though!

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DH hasn't felt it yet, I feel bad for him. He hasn't been home, and we only spent 2 nights together this week when we were in San Diego (he had a liberty port, I was on vacation). It was pretty funny tho, DH and I ... um... :huggles: just before he left, and when we finished, and I was catching my breath, the baby gave a MASSIVE kick. I happened to have my hand right there, and I laughed and said that the baby was happy we were done lol! I felt so bad that DH missed it though!

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that is so sweeeeet!

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Awwww!! He's been playin w/baby while mommy snoozes!