DH didn't give me crap!

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DH didn't give me crap!

So, on Thursday, Babysteals.com had the ERGO carrier (as most of you saw, I'm sure) and I bought it even though it was the day before pay day. Well, on Wednesday there was a little over $400 in our account, so I didn't think it would be a problem as any bills we have we pay right after pay day, so I didn't think anything major would be going through the account. Right after I bought it, I checked the account and it showed $120 and change. :eek: It was too late at this point, I really WANTED the ERGO and it was the best deal I'm ever gonna get on it.

About an hour later I get an email from the bank (that I KNOW DH got too) telling us that they used our automatic transfer program thingie to pay for the amount that we went over. ???? WHAT?!!!

So I looked real quick and a check posted that honestly, both he and I forgot about. And it's not a check you want to forget about. It was our state taxes check!!! $202. :teethchatter:

The bank paid it, thank god! They took the only $50 we had in our savings and transfered it over and it still wasn't enough, but the bank still paid it. Yes we got banged with an overdraft fee.. but pay day took care of that. :eek:

Oh, and I forgot to tell DH that I bought the ERGO until yesterday when he asked if I got something from Google (it used google check out). He was gonna contest it cause I don't normally buy anything from them and he knew he hadn't. I explained what I bought and why and I was expecting to have to convince him that it was a good thing and I didn't have to! I was completely shocked!! He didn't blame me for the overdraft! Yahoo

Anyway, just had to share that little story. ROFL

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LOL! Glad DH wasn't upset with you! Hope you enjoy your ERGO! I wish I had jumped on that deal too.

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I didn't get to the deal in time, but would have seriously considered getting one if I had, so I don't blame you at all! Awesome that your DH was ok with it, and that your bank automatically transferred the money over!

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Yay!! I don't think you'll regret that purchase (him either if he's willing to wear baby!), my Ergo is definitely my easiest carrier and one of the most comfortable! (I loved my wrap and my mei tais too, but those require wrapping whereas you just snap the Ergo on) Before I got pregnant I would use it and even after an hour walking around the mall with him in it my back didn't hurt at all.

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I'm glad you didn't get in trouble ;-). That was such a great deal on the Ergo! I got mine used (in fantastic condition) for $65 and it took me a couple of months to find that deal! I think you'll love it.

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i hate bank stuff! great job on the great deal. i myself want to get a ring sling (already have a moby from DD)

glad DH wasn't angry.

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My Dh also didn't care.. He knew I wanted a carrier for this baby we didn't have one with DS1.