DH is driving me nuts!!!

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DH is driving me nuts!!!

Ok, so I try not to vent too much about DH Wink but he's driving me batty and you gals are the only ones who will understand!

He's been so snuggly lately and it's making me crazy. Every morning for the last 2 weeks I've been woken up around 4/5 am to him crowding my side of the bed and practicly laying on top of me trying to snuggle....to the point where i'm almost off the bed. He wants to lay his head on my belly and it hurts. not to mention it makes me hot, and not in a good way ROFL So it wakes me up, and then i have to pee and adjust the thermostat because now i'm sweating and half of me doesn't want to get back into bed because it's just going to happen all over again as soon as i fall asleep. :EEK:

And then i feel bad because it is kinda cute. But he is not at all warm/snuggly when he's awake so it's like a subconcious thing. I think i'd appreciate it more if he did it during the day when I wasn't trying to sleep! Not to mention he wants to DTD every morning and i have to keep telling him no. and the more i say no the more he wants to snuggle the next morning, so i cant win either way. but now I'm exhausted!!!! We don't go to bed normally until around 11 so getting woken up at 5 is a bit too much to handle. Even if i go back to sleep i wake up feeling so tired Sad

how can I tell him nicely to knock it off? i swear his hormones are worse than mine this time around LOL

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LOL! All of us are complaining about how bad our DH's have been while yours has turned into a teddy bear!

I totally see where you are coming from though! your body is already being taken over by someone else and along with that comes the aches and pains and temperature!

I would definately be telling him to back off a bit. How to do that, I have no idea! Extra pillows in bed to make a wall?

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I wish my DH would snuggle with me but he doesn't like to be touched when he's sleeping.

Do you have a pregnancy pillow? Chris calls mine "The Great Barrier Reef." In truth, he's just lazy, it takes like a second to toss that sucker on the floor. It might deter your hubby though.

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I was gonna say the same thing lots of pillows, if he can't reach you he can't cuddle. I'm lucky cause if the digs crowd me I just lock them out lol

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ok, my complaint is opposite, though yeah, i would probably get annoyed if i woken up at 5am every morning, especially cause we all know NONE of us are sleeping too well right now.

just a thought, why dont you try sleeping on the other end of the bed. then if he wanted to snuggle he would get your feet. i actually sleep this way lately myself and i find the change of positioning helps me.

in the mean time, atleast he is being affectionate! and what they do in their sleep says more than what they do awake...again, just a thought Smile

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I can definitely see how that would be simultaneously cute and annoying ;-).

I agree with everyone else- I have a body pillow that I'm currently using between me and DH right now. I put it there because that's where it's comfortable for me, but it does have the added bonus of keeping him on his side of the bed (he tends to move around when he sleeps, which drives me nuts).

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Lauren your post made me giggle away..... cuddling with feet could also be cuddling with her butt, and we all know us pregnant ladies get bad bouts of gas sometimes! Forget the pillows and feet to deter him, one good one let out and that'll make him NEVER wanna cuddle again! ROFL :ROFL: ROFL :ROFL:

Ahem. Sorry, but I'm in one of those moods and the thought just came to me reading Lauren's post. Would totally work though, would make him think twice about crowding you! :lol:.

I don't have that problem, actually, I hardly get snuggled. He snuggles a bit when we go to bed and a bit in themornings on a weekend, but other than that, to my knowledge nothing.

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I WISH I had that type of dh problem. my dh is a total @$$.

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I have the same problem, I have semi fixed it by going to bed first and sleeping towards him and getting in the fetal position with my knees up so if he gets to close i can push him away with my knees that way i dont have to move to get comfy again. (altho i do this while pretending to sleep) I feel bad and dont wanna hurt his feelings as he has told he the best feeling is when im asleep and he feels KEsler move he thinks there bonding Smile
but I get to hot he is like a freaking inferno to sleep next too and i am already to hot.
I have been really gasy and let one rip on him a few times which i thought would make him move....NOPE he just teases me about it in the morning.. lol

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LoL, you gals are funny Smile

I've had the pregnancy pillow in between us for awhile but he snuggles right through it :EEK: I probably should have pointed out earlier that i have a big DH, he's almost 2x my size and i think that's the problem. He puts all his weight against me which is too much to handle when my belly is acting like a kickstand LOL

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I too have the opposite problem. And now that I've told dh I'm dilating I'm sure he'll not even come near me until after I have the baby Lol