Diapers for little babies?

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Diapers for little babies?

For people that had babies less than 6 lbs, did the NB diapers fit or did you need to buy the preemie diapers?

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With DS I didn't buy preemie diapers at all (5lbs 13oz) but with my girls I did (5lbs 9oz and 5lbs 5oz), especially DD2 who came home at 5lbs even.

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And I really don't remember if it were an actual *need* or not, I am pretty sure we only bought 2 or 3 packs of preemie diapers for DD1 and with DD2 we bought at least one (but the nicu sent us home with at least 2 unopened packs, not to mention she was in the NICU for almost a week). I know with DS he was born at a hospital without a NICU and they had to track down newborn sized diapers for him...his first diaper was a size 1 Lol He definitely needed the newborn or he'd pee right out of the sides. I believe he only lost 4 or 5oz total so he was still over 5.5lbs at his lightest.

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i've seen it go both ways between 5 & 6 lbs in the hospital. Some babies are longer and skinnier while some carry more weight in there stomach areas and need bigger diapers. If you think you might need premmie size diapers i would hold off on buying them until the last minute and then keep your receipts that way you can return them for the next size if needed Smile

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Brandon was 5lbs. 14oz. but the newborn diapers didn't fit at all. He wore preemie diapers for at least a month.

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Both of my boys were in preemie diapers when born. They were 7lb 3.4oz and 7lbs 5oz. I just grow 'em long, so the newborns weren't snug enough to contain stuff. They were only that way for about a week, maybe two.

I've bought ONE package of preemie. I figure if this LO needs newborn size, the hospital has them and I can send DH or Gramma to the store for my preferred brand. I can't stand Pampers and that's the only thing the hospital uses. :confused:

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