Disneykat, you inspired me

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Disneykat, you inspired me

To start doing some sewing! So here is my first boppy cover!

boppycover1 by Kalee2004, on Flickr

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Great job, that pattern is super cute!!!

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Great job! I love the fabric!

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That is awesome! Was it hard to do? I'm not brave enough to try anything tricky at the moment. I made curtains for the nursery, but that's it for right now!

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I love the pattern. Great job!!

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Way to go!!

I was also inspired over the weekend, so I made the baptismal gown for this baby (and all future babies)

Here it is. Smile

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They both look great! love the Boppy cover...

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Love the pattern for the boppy cover! I would pay for you to make me a cute one for my boppy. I have a cover but I'm not crazy about it. Let me know what you think!

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looks great!!! i love the pattern Smile
great job on the baptismal gown...
there are some talented ladies on this board!!!

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Oh I LOVE he fabric for the boppy cover that is TOO cute. you did a great job.

The baptismal gown is GORGEOUS!!!!

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Awesome! The cover looks great and so does the gown! wtg guys! I wish I could sew, i've never even tried before!! LOL

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Did you just buy the pillow and sew the case or stuff it yourself??? I want to make one now. I have a pillow, but a new cover would be great. Does it have a zipper?

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Thanks everyone!

That Baptism gown looks great!

I had the Boppy pillow from when Mason was a baby but I didn't have any girly covers, and I couldn't find one I liked for a reasonable price, so I decided I would have to make some!

This one has a zipper on the back side, I'll try to post a picture of the tomorrow, but I am thinking about trying to make one where the zipper will be on the seam along the top, like the original boppy slipcovers.

I would be willing to make some for anyone who wants. If you just want regular cotton fabric, just one fabric for both sides, for members of this board, I could probably make them for about $12 and then shipping costs.

I actually really want to start sewing and selling stuff on an Etsy store, I just need the motivation to do it! I am much better at actually sewing things and getthing them done if they are for other people.

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That is adorable!! I absolutley love the fabric Smile

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Here is a picture of the back, where the zipper is:

boppycover1b by Kalee2004, on Flickr

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I *love* that fabric!! Great job!
And that baptismal gown is gorgeous too! Great keepsake item, maybe even for grandbabies down the line!