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Doc Appointment

I have had a bit of a rough day so when got there my BP was through the roof. That is totally unusual for me and I mentioned that I was having an emotional day so they had me sit quietly and rest. It went down to my usual very quickly!

I gained almost 5 pounds since Thursday, attributed to fluid retention because otherwise I am feeling fine.

Besides the usual aches and pains and the nausea which I told him about last week, I had nothing o say.

HB was the lowest it has ever been (145). I asked if it was concerning because last week it was 169. He said baby was chilling and getting ready!

After measuring me, checkouts babes position and listening o the HB he said maybe he would see me next week.

Can they tell if you are going to go soon without doing internals?

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sorry you had a rough day!!! But I am glad that the baby is doing well, I don't think they know really, if you're going to labor soon, just a guess. Wink you're getting close though so maybe!! Smile

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It sounds like a good appt!

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Sounds like a pretty good appointment! Smile

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Sounds like a good appointment.

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Sounds like a good appt.

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Glad it was a good appointment! They can't tell if you're going to go soon even with cervical checks, so who knows! Some people walk around several cm's dilated for weeks, and others go from being completely closed to active labor in a few hours... so I think it's just a guessing game no matter what!