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doc appt

I had my ob appt today and it went really well. My triple screen came back completely negative and DH got to hear the baby hb. Also I only gained two lbs since my last appt which is good since she scolded be last time for weight gain.

Anddddd we got to schedule our gender scan for this Friday!! I am so excited. We celebrated the good appointment by ordering the babies bedding from Kohl's Blum 3

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Yay for a good appt. and that you get to go to your scan so soon! Smile

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That's great! Glad you had a good appt and you get your scan so soon.

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Great appointment! Friday can't come quickly enough, eh? Smile

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Sounds like a wonderful appt! Can't wait to hear an update on Friday!!!

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Yay for a good appt. Your scan is only a few days away, how exciting!!!

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Yay for a good appt!

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Sounds great! Glad everything is going well :-).

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Glad everything went well, good luck at your scan!!

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Great appointment! Why did you order bedding before the gender scan?

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The bedding that I like was very neutral, it's called Jungle Babies and its green, yellow, brown, red. I am much more into neutral colors than pinks or blues.