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Doc Appt

Lots went on this doc appt! LOL.

-I was concerned about this leakage i've been having, midwife tested it, and it's not amniotic fluid so that's good, guess I am just a leaky person! LOL EWW.

-weight 134 (so I've gained 25 lbs all together) yay!

-Logan's HR was in the 130's almost 140's.

-Belly measuring a week ahead at 38 weeks.

-I am 2cm! (Last week 1cm!) yay!

-60% effaced

-Baby still high up though.

They drew my blood again for iron...its always supposed to be taking my iron pills and she asked me if i was taking them and i sheepishly said so I hope it doesn't come back low again or else i guess ill have to force my self to take the pills.

She talked to me about labor, and she basically went through it fast since this is my 3rd. lol

and...I had the group B test............uhhh..since when do we do it ourselves?!

Last 2 pregnancies I was using a different doctor, not a midwife...i've never done this test myself..they usually do it! and I don't remember it being in the anus?? I suppose it probably was and i just don't remember because I wasn't the one doing it!...anyways,

so I go to pee in the cup as usual, and she hands me a swab and says "youve done this before right?" and im like "uh not myself...." and she shows me this diagram on the wall. I have to stick the swab 2cm in the hooha, and 1cm in the bootay......WHAT! NOTHING is going in my booty! I am really picky about that! (I had a bad experience with an ex bf years ago that had to do with anal sex..)

anyways, so I take the swab, put it in the hooha, and I couldn't bring myself to shove this thing up my butt, so I just swabbed around it. :eek: I mean if the test comes out wrong, oops! but I am not putting that there! I don't see why the midwife didn't do it?? anyways...when you guys did the test, did the doc/midwife do it? or did you??

anyways (sorry this is long!) my last doc REFUSED and looked at me like I am an idiot when I asked about induction. They said not until im at least 41 weeks.

well my midwife said that since this is my 3rd, I am already progressing, and with my maternity leave dates, she said she'd have no probably inducing me at 39+ weeks. yay!!!

DS1 starts preschool sept 6, I don't want him or I to miss his first days! SO, I am HOPING Logan either comes next week, OR waits until the weekend of the 10th, and next week my midwife says we can talk about it more and schedule an induction then if I want one, and she asked me what date I am thinking, and I said the weekend of the 10th, (edd is the 13th, so its only a couple days early anyway). so I am super excited that shes supportive of an induction. I only have one week maternity leave and the weekend of the 10th would be perfect, i def. dont want to go over 40wks.

anyways so all in all I think it was a great appt! besides the weird group b swabbing!

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Mely you dont know how bad I needed that laugh!!!!!!!! OMG...hooha and bootay, you are killing me!!!!! My OB did mine last week which is good because I can hardly reach either area, but my MW had me do it myself not including the bootay Dirol that was with DS1

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The doc has done it both times and yep, the butt hole was swabbed both times!

I don't understand why they would consider induction at 39 weeks. It is a bit concerning to me...

Glad the appointment went well!

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The dr over my midwives did it on me last week. It surprised me that he swabbed my butt but it definitely didn't feel like it went up in there, so I would say as long as you swabbed the actual anus it would be ok. But you are too funny!

With you already being 2cm and your body knowing what to do I bet it wouldnt take much to induce you. Maybe they could sweep your membranes first and see how that goes, or try red raspberry leaf tea and those pills with the natural prostaglandins (can't remember the name). And all else fails, you could probably do pitocin just to get labor started and then turn it off.

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Wow, I only had to do the swab myself once and I wasn't told to stick it up my butt! In fact, I don't think it's EVER been stuck up my butt before, just swabbed around. So, you should be alright!

Yay about having a possible induction date and knowing when LO's arriving! I hear ya on the kindergarten thing, Heather starts kindergarten Sept. 8th and I don't want her or I to miss it... I always take a pic of them getting off the bus on their first day so I really wanna be here for that and hear all about her day. I wouldn't mind an induction myself around 38-39 weeks but I'm doubting I'd get one if I asked. September is an insanely busy month especially with heather starting school and there's alot I don't want to miss. It'll be a big adjustment and a big enough job to get her on a routine/schedule for school, and adding a baby to the mix is gonna be even crazier!

Oops, I've rambled, but glad things are going well and you're progressing. Sounds like you may have a baby real soon!

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Glad everything looked good! The dr/midwife has always done the GroupB strep test but this last time they did swab around that 'area' Lol not actually in it, so I'm sure you're fine.

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YAY for a great appt. I did the swab myself with my daughter but I didn't go anywhere near the butt! It may have changed since my daughter (4 yrs. ago)

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Glad your appt went well. Seems like you're making some progress.

I didn't make it far enough in the pg last time to do the test (so I automatically got antibiotics), but I know that at my office the doctor will do the test and that both areas will be swabbed. I think I should be having it done next week.