Does first baby always drop?

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Does first baby always drop?

Did anyone's first child not drop until labor? I was reading last night that the first baby usually drops 2 to 4 weeks before delivery. My little boy has definetely not dropped yet. I'm just wondering if he could drop during labor or does it always happen ahead of time with the first one...

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I induced with dd at 39 weeks so I can't truly answer that, but at my inducement she still hadn't dropped.

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I think it's normal for the first baby to drop before labor, but there are definitely exceptions. Something I wouldn't worry about. Smile

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yep baby always ends up dropping at some point, some times not until right before labor. Smile

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I never dropped before labour either time

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I was induced at 34 weeks with Brandon so I didn't drop with him, but I know I've heard others say that they didn't drop before they went in to labor.

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I didn't drop with J .... but I dropped a week ago this time (35)

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My water broke at 34 weeks with DS and I remember dropping just a few days before.

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I dropped @ 37 weeks with DD1 and didn't have her for almost 3 weeks later. I still haven't dropped with these guys.