does it get easier?

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does it get easier?

My baby is going to be 10wks on Sunday and life has not gotten any easier, if anything, its gotten tougher. He fights sleep, fusses allll night, and wants to be held and walked around allll day. I feel down because I was so positive that by this point things would start getting a little easier. I go back to work after the new year and I really hope things get better before then. I know every baby is different but is there any age milestone you remember where things got a little easier? I need something to look forward to...

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Yes, it definitely does get easier. But it can definitely take longer than you'd like ;-). You're probably going to hate me for picking this particular milestone (since it's pretty distant right now), but I'm going to say that by their first birthday, everything is MUCH easier. It will definitely get easier before then, but for me, with #1, that was when I felt I was starting to really get my life back, and had survived the hardest part of becoming a mom. She was a tough baby. But things did get better before that, so don't worry. There were a lot of fun times that first year, it was just challenging. Just know that there are a lot of ups and downs the first year. But try to enjoy it, even though it can be tough! It will pass, you will get through it, and things will get easier!

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I would say after 4 months because some kind of pattern in their sleep eat wake cycles starts and it becomes easier to plan stuff. It is also starting at that age when many babies are able to self sooth and do better lying on their own. Even their play time relies less on you holding them.

Realistically though, I have found every stage to have its own challenges and rewards Smile The first part is just harder because it is all new to you too.

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I definitely agree that each stage has it's own challenges, the sleep challenges will likely get better in the next few months. If it's colic causing the fussing that usually gets better about 3-4 months. I will say, some babies are just cranky and some babies just don't like sleep. I have to laugh or I'd go crazy because DS1 will be 2 next month and some nights he keeps me awake more than DS2 does at 11 weeks. DD2 is the same with sleep she's just never been much of a sleeper. You adjust though.

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Thanks for the input. I love my son more than I can explain but being a FTM, I never imagined it would be this hard!

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Hugs to you. It's really hard in the beginning. Brandon was a really easy-going baby but he was an awful sleeper. Maybe by 6 months he started sleeping longer than 2 or 3 hours at night but at 15 months he finally started sttn and things got much easier. CJ is a much more needy baby so I'm hoping things will get better in a few months. Hang in there.

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No further input, just hugs.


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"Danifo" wrote:

Realistically though, I have found every stage to have its own challenges and rewards Smile The first part is just harder because it is all new to you too.

I agree, its hard to pin point an exact milestone where it will get better. And every baby is different so what might be a turning point for me may not be for you...but with DD1 I found 6 months on it got easier. She was sleeping through the night and because she was eating food I was able to get my breast back a bit!!! I hope it gets easier for you, I know how frustrating it can be. You`re doing great and you`ll make it through :bighug: