does your LO sneeze a lot?

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does your LO sneeze a lot?

Right now, my oldest has a cold virus and I am thinking Moriah will get it next. I am paranoid that Daniel is going to also catch it. I have been washing my hands like crazy and I am not letting the girls get too near him. Now I know that eventually, I can't stop the virus from striking everyone but he is still too new right now and I want to guard him from any germs/viruses that come into the home.

Anyway, I have noticed that he has been sneezing several times a day over the past 4 days or so. :eek: Is this a newborn thing or a pending cold virus????

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My kid sneezes a lot. (The whole-body sneezes are so cute!)

Hope the germs stay far away from Daniel!

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The twins sneeze alot and we thought it was from the feeding tubes but since they have come home they still sneeze alot. Not sure if its a newborn thing or not.

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Chloe has sneezed a lot since birth, at her 3 day check up we asked about it and they said its completely normal. She still sneezes multiple times a day. If they aren't sneezing up anything green I think it should be okay?

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Yes! Kelsey does. Just like her momma, 2-3 at a time.

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I've been paranoid about it and was told sneezing is normal because it is the only way they can clear their nose.

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Yep, the girls sneeze alot too Biggrin

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Loupe too - clearing the mucus!

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Doctor told us that the baby goes from a warm, moist environment to a dry one- so they tend to sneeze a lot- not to mention the suctioning of nostrils the moment they are born.

Flynn doesn't sneeze a lot, but her explanation did make sense!