dont really know what to put as a heading (O.T.)

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dont really know what to put as a heading (O.T.)

sorry didnt know what to put as a heading but thought id share some news with u ladies cause non of my local friends really care.
I think I got sky in to a special needs tutoring program!!! yay!!
he goes for his assesment on wednesday. its a program run thru our local epilepsy center and it tutors in math and other acedemics.
I got the results from skylers neuro psych on fri and it turns out he has a severe math learning deficit (puts him on the 1st percentile for his age) also his fine motor and cognitive memory for organizinging thoughts and information was significantly impaired. Skyler's general cognative abailty rated on the 2nd percentile for his age. which is still at the impaired level (impairment means its a life issue) the neuro psych was very helpful to me as a parent to know what i was doiing wrong and right but it was also a ton of imformation to take in. so i spent the weekend accepting th info and understanding it, but today I called the epilepsy center and they were willing to accept sky if all goes well at the assesment (there is even sum help with funding for the tutoring) the tutoring runs from sept to may ( and they even provide a scribe Smile he has problems printing and generally uses a special computer) then i called his occupational therapist to discuss resuults and see what our next steps should be and she told me she would put sky on the waitlist for a rock climbing and dragon boat program for kids with special needs Smile I also put sky in music therapy just waiting for that assesment date i think the music will be great for him as he loves to sing and when he is over stimulatated he hums to himself.
I know this isnt skylers birth board and im sorrry i post about him so much I just wanted to tell someone ( most of my friends dont come around much b/c of skylers issues and my family is in denial thinks because he looks fine he is fine ) so it only really leaves curtis and u ladies to talk to. so thanks for letting me share Smile
oh and lil Kesler is doing well I cant believe he will be here by friday :eek:
so excited and scared
I have been severely over emotional these last few days one minute im happy, sad criing, or even angry.. (cant wait to feel not like a crazy lady again lol)
thanks for reading

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Jen, that is great news! It sounds like some great opportunities for Skyler. I hope that he enjoys them, and that they help him where he needs it.

Don't ever be sorry for sharing with us, we're all here to listen, and we all have lives and issues other than our Sapphires.

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That seems like great news. It sounds like Skyler might finally be getting the help he needs. I hope everything works out!

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That is great! I hope it is exactly what Sky needs to excel! Oh and please never feel like you can't talk to us....that is what we are here for!

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Fantastic news! Way to go skyler!

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Jen I am with the others, don't ever feel like you can only talk about Kesler. Many of us have other children and we shouldn't feel limited to only talking about our Sept babies only.

That being said, I am happy you found so many resources to help Skyler.