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Dr. Browns

Thalia seems to be having gas issues. Currently I'm using Playtex Ventair advanced because they say they reduce gas. I'm contemplating Dr. Browns. I'm curious as to what all of you use and if they work. Any ideas for gas??? Thanks!!

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Currently I use"first years BreastFlow" it's supposed to be the closest to the breast for less nipple confusion. it seems to bode well on that account.

We used dr browns with dd1 for she has reflux bad and has since she was an infant. They did help with her reflux, so I imagine they should help with the gas. They have parts that get annoying to deal with but you do what you gotta do right.

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We used Dr. Browns with Brandon and they were awesome, he never had a lot of reflux or gas issues. We were going to use something different this time but I ended up buying Dr. Browns again.

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I used Dr Brown's. They were great - except for cleaning them. Wink