Dr just called....

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Dr just called....

So my doc just called to reply to my email that I sent him earlier this week. He said that my GTT test did come back too high on two of the three categories, so he is going to transfer me out of Family Practice and into the OB to get an GD specialist. So my appointment on Tuesday will now be cancelled, and I have to wait for OB office to call me and schedule my next appointment. I'm trying to put a positive spin on this, at least I'll be able to see the baby more often as they keep track of its size, and I will get more attention than I would have with my FP OB. But it does make me nervous. I was always borderline high glucose on my last two pregnancies, but it was never enough to push me to an actual GD diagnosis. So I have no idea what to expect, and anxious to get to see a doctor. But seeing as I am on military health care, I have no idea how long it will be before I get to see a doctor again.

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That is no fun. Sad sorry to hear you are going through that, especially so early in the pregnancy.

They will probably send you to an endocrinologist (in my opinion, mostly all they do with diabetic cases is check your bloodwork and talk about how well you are maintaining your bsl's), and a nutritionist, which is what I found more helpful for how to maintain bsl's. At first they will probably just try to keep you on a low carb diet (some women can't have more than 30carbs a day with GD). It is time consuming and a hassle, but nothing compared to having to take insulin, especially until you would figure out what your ratios are. Crashing one minute and being too high the next is tough.

In case you are wondering, my dh is type 1.

I hope this helps. If you manage your bsl's well, diabetes is more a PITA than a concern. My mom had GD with me and she managed very well and I came out 6lbs11oz.

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sorry girl! i know nothing about all that but i'm sure i'd be scared. keep us posted please!

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So sorry! many mamas though are very successful with just the diet modification, like you said, it is a pain, but you can do it!

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Bummer. Hopefully you will only have to make minor modifications. KUP.

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I feel your pain.. I too have GD they found it at 13 ish weeks for me... I had GD with DS so I kinda know the drill. It really isn't too bad. For me it's really just knowing when I can eat certain foods.. I know cold cereal in the am is a big no no for me.. but it is for most people with GD. But I can have it at night before bed and my numbers are fine. If you need any help finding things that might work for you, or need someone to talk to, please feel free to PM me. Mari

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That sucks! I am sorry. At least they found out this early!

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Sad What a bummer!