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Today is supposed to be near 100 where I live with the heat index at 105. OY. I have been up since 5, had to take one of the girls I worked with at work camp last year to her cousin this morning, Came home crashed for an hour, and now I need to bathe my twinkies(the twins) and go meet my adults so they can rent cars for the upcoming work camp trip that starts tomorrow. Come home, hopefully get the kids to nap, get ready and head out to see


Will I have the energy? We shall see.

Is anyone else just DRAGGING?

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yes.....DRAGGGGGING...I am SO tired...and we have like nothing in this freaking house. I've needed to go grocery shopping for DAYS now but I am too tired to ever do anything. I couldn't have my coffee this morning because we're out of milk and it's nasty with out milk so I'm really irritated and my boys are getting in to everything, I am so tired but I have to keep getting up because I think the boys are so bored they are being onrey. I wish I could take them to the park but that's like running a marathon...I don't see how it can possibly be 8 more weeks...I feel like I'm 40 weeks already.

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I'm with you. I haven't done anything that I planned to do today... and that's pretty much been the case for the last week. I think it's 105 today here too (with the heat index). Or at least it was around 9:30 this morning... could be hotter now! I was going to go see my horse, but that didn't happen... I wimped out because of the heat. I was going to do some cooking, but I haven't been able to find the motivation. Ugh! I seriously need some energy!

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I am soo draggging my butt and we didnt even have the heat you guys get it was only 24 degrees today which was like offically the nicest day of the yr soo far :eek: sum summer altho im not complaining cause im sure id be just wiped and b*tch*n if we were getting the weather u ladies r getting..

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It just really depends on the day for me. Some days I'm definitely dragging, others aren't so bad. When we had the really hot days I pretty much didn't leave my house unless absolutely necessary, we're back down to more 'normal' temps now, pretty much 80s, the humidity is the worst but that's slowly getting better too

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Totally dragging here.

We're on 20 or 30 something days in a row of 100+ heat. it SUCKS.

Between that, work, 3 year old wrangling and trying to keep the house together, Im beat.

I really hope it starts cooling off a little soon.


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We don't have the weather up north that you guys have but I was worried about dragging anyway. I think I have all my major stuff done in anticipation. It has yet to hit though!