Dreams.. (OT)

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Dreams.. (OT)

I have been having the most vivid and quite disturbing nightmares lately. All involving Kyan... I am not sure why this is happening... I had a dream that I was feeling him kick my belly then next thing I know I'm giving birth to him by myself and he comes out soo tiny at first... then I don't know where I put him cause I got delierious. :eek:

Then I had a dream that they gave me my csection, refused pain meds and when I wanted to see him, NO ONE knew where he was!! So I go roaming around the hospital only to come back to my room and my husband is sleeping in my bed!!

It's almost too scary to go to sleep. I don't like having crazy/insane dreams that are sooooo real when I'm having them. :mad: Sad

Anyone else got any dreams/nightmares they'd like to share? Or am I the only one with crazy hormones causing these dreams? LOL!!!

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there have been a few of us having crazy dreams. though none of them, that i know of, are scary like yours. girl, im sorry your dreaming those things. you are going through alot right now so its understandable. personaly, i dream about giving birth to monkeys, and another big apes were taking over the world leaving humans to scatter and run. that last one was BEFORE iknew about the new "planet of the apes" movie! Lol

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yuck I don't like the scary dreams either. I have them from time to time also. I can't think of one in particular though. Luckily lately I've been so tired I just fall in a deep sleep every night and don't dream lol.

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I don't have time for deep sleep! I get up too many times a night to go pee to have that luxury! I'd rather not dream at all, lol. I can't even have a nap w/out having one... With my first son, all I could dream about was my husband cheating on me. I'd just wake up all kinds of PO'ed and he'd look at me and say, "Ok.. Who was it this time?" lmao Biggrin

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Yikes! I hope they don't continue for the rest of your pregnancy!

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Sorry you're having such crazy dreams! I had to chuckle only slightly though at the one where you left and returned to hubby sleeping in your bed. That would almost be so typical of MY hubby to do cause he's so tired :doh:. I haven't had any dreams that i remember lately but I have had some whacky ones in the past.

Hormones, gotta love them!