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Okay, fess up... whose done it?! Lol

I will be 7 weeks pp on Monday and DH and I got a sitter last night and tried it out. My bleeding just finally went away at the beginning of the week, so even though I haven't had my pp check up yet (the appointment is Monday) I felt comfortable to try.

After Daniel was born (#2) It took MONTHS before it didn't hurt, so I was a little nervous. And I'm happy to report.... IT WAS GOOD! I needed assistance with KY, but it wasn't painful! Granted I was a little sore afterwards, but that went away inside an hour.

And, of course, DH is thrilled. He didn't like those few months after Daniel. :confused:

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We did for the first time at about 4 weeks postpartum. Oddly enough it didn't hurt that time but it has the 2 times since...position might be the issue so we'll see, not anytime soon though Lol I've been pissed off at dh all week so he's lucky I wanted to dtd before the 6 weeks was up cause I wouldn't have this week that's for sure!

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We haven't, but I'm not that far PP and am still bleeding. Plus since I got stitches I will probably wait til I get the ok from my midwife.

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We definately haven't been behaving and dtd one week after my section. We've done it a couple times a week since then. It was the same amount of time with my vaginal birth too though. I only bled the first week so that makes a difference... haven't had any issues with pain or discomfort, it felt great! Smile

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It's on the calendar for this weekend if we can just find the time... LOL! Wink

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Definitely not here. I just don't feel healed enough yet... not mention that I have no desire to at all. Poor DH!

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"AirForceWife1" wrote:

It's on the calendar for this weekend if we can just find the time... LOL! Wink

That was us! DH had advanced notice. I had arranged a sitter, but the woman flaked out all 3 times I was supposed to be watcher HER kids during the week (including the day she was supposed to turn around and watch mine), so I assumed it wasn't gonna happen.

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We haven't and probably won't till Mirena is inserted, maybe even longer with the way he's been acting lately...

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Last night. Using condom was a horrible experience!:mad: We decided to go without one and use the pull-out method. Wink

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i begged 4 days pp but DH would have no parts of it. LOL ok, he was right not too, i still had a stitch up in there. 2 week pp we DTD and it didnt hurt, though it wasnt as good as before i wsa preggo. it only now starting to feel normal. though, you should have seen the look on the nurses face when i told her we DTD already, she freaked. hey it took us 6 years and fertility specialists to get preggo, we are not too worried now. lol

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"LauraMae78" wrote:

hey it took us 6 years and fertility specialists to get preggo, we are not too worried now. lol

I'm not so worried about pregnancy (though I am on the mini-pill), I'm more worried about flora balance and infections (yeast or BV). I had BV around 2 weeks pp and I didn't want to get another infection. :confused:

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I already confessed during one of my post a while back. We waited about a wk after my c/s. Up until my BCP started working, we were DTD all the time. Now....not so much. I just don't want to right now. It ALMOST makes me want to stop the BCP so I can have my drive back.

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Well we have, started back ~ 2wks pp, but honestly the kids have not been giving us a chance in the last 3 wks. Normally I have no desire, but this time is different Biggrin

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Yep, just the other night (5w PP). I had already had my follow-up appointment and got the ok.

It had been a pretty long, dry pregnancy in that department, so DH was pretty thrilled that I finally bit the bullet and got things going again! And the good news was that is it wasn't super painful like I thought it would be! :woohoo:

(After DD1 was born, it was 10 weeks!)

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No not yet for us. If I could go one day without pain maybe I would be able to get in the mood Sad

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Nothing here, but I'm only a little over a week post-partum and still bleeding and in a fair amount of discomfort.

We won't be dtd until I get the Mirena put in however. We don't do condoms and we already have an oops baby from the pull-out method. Chris is already dying though so I might help him out soon. He felt the need to remind me of the other ways we could have sex tonight, like I'm not familiar with them, lol.