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Elf on the Shelf

Does anyone here do Elf on the Shelf with their older kids? I really want to start to do it, but think maybe H is too young this year. We're just starting to grasp the whole Santa situation.

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I don't know too much about it. We don't really do Santa though. It is similar to that?

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Basically, you have a little toy elf who visits your house to report back to Santa on the children's behaviour. You put the elf in different places in the house every night and see if they kids can find him in the morning. You can also have your elf get into mischief.

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We are doing this! I posted about it on my october board along with some pics of what he's been up to. This morning, he had icing all over his face from eating a cupcake and the other day he made snow angels on the kitchen counter using sugar. Smile Your DD may be too young this year. I would probably wait until next year. We started it last year with DS when he was 4 and he was actually scared of him.

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I have heard of it but I couldnt find it here in anyone the stores. must only be sold in the states Sad

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We have one... He is a bit creepy, but the 3 year old and six year old are usually pretty amused by him Smile

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We started doing it last year. Coby loves it! He was concerned that one needed to come for Carter too, but I told him that one elf can watch the whole house. LOL!

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Not here, but I know of a lot of people who are doing it for their kids. The Elf is gaining in popularity, it seems!