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Elise is here! (xp)


Hey ladies! I finally had my girl - Elise Victoria was born yeterday at 4:30 in the afternoon. She was 7lb 13oz, 19.5" long. Here's my story:

Elise’s Birth

I spent Sunday the 25th feeling pretty low. I was crampy, having lots of false contractions, quite a few bowel movements, and I felt kind of nauseated all day. I thought “this is definitely it!” I expected to wake up during the night with some real labour contractions, so when I woke up early Monday morning at 4am, to nothing, I really started to lose it. I had a good cry, and decided to page my midwife and ask if she could come check me that morning and do a membrane sweep if my cervix was favourable because my emotional state was really starting to deteriorate.

She arrived at 9, and did an exam where she determined I was thinned, but not at all dilated. I was pretty crushed. She couldn’t do a sweep because she couldn’t even get two fingers in my cervix, but then she brought out some supplies she’d brought with her and gave me my options. She said my cervix was ready to dilate, and being my second baby, it should do so quickly if properly “motivated” so I opted for her labour cocktail. I made it up right away and drank it (ugh!) and then DH and I went to the mall to do some walking before heading home to take a rest.

We got home around 12:30, and I settled into bed at 1:00, put on my hypnobabies track, and proceeded to take a nap/rest. I woke up at 1:48 feeling a bit crampy, and I thought I needed to poop because of the castor oil in the cocktail I’d drunk earlier. I went to the bathroom, but didn’t have to go, I realised I was having crampy pains in my low back and thought maybe some real contractions were starting. I grabbed my laptop so I could time them on my online contraction timer, and got back into bed to see what was happening.

Everything from this point was kind of a blur. I got into bed shortly after 2, started timing, and found they were anywhere from 2.5 – 4 min apart, lasting about a minute, and after about two of them I was starting to have to vocalize through them. I went out to DH in the kitchen and told him to page Debbie, our midwife, and I asked her to come out to my house to check me. 10 min later, I was having intense pains, and I told DH to put the suitcase in the car and I was calling Debbie back to tell her to meet us at the hospital instead because I was feeling pushy. The car ride to the hospital was awful – 3pm traffic. Luckily we live in a fairly small city, and not too far from the hospital so we got there in 15 min and DH pulled into the ambulance bay because we didn’t know where else to go. A security guard came out to tell us to move, but DH opened my door and said she says “she needs to push”, and the guard got this terrified look on her face and said “oh god, don’t push I’ll rush you right up there!” LOL Everyone in line at the elevator let us bud ahead, and we got up to my labour room they had waiting. I had beat Debbie there (she told me later she had gone to change into her scrubs on the way because she figured she had time) and there were a couple nurses in my room that said go ahead and get on the bed we’ll check you. I got up onto the bed, and my first contraction up there on my hands and knees and my water broke like you had stuck a pin in a balloon – I soaked a couple nurses Smile They quickly checked me and I was a 10!

It turns out the pressure to push that I felt was my waters bulging, so once they broke I felt a *bit* better, but still like a freight train was coming. I pushed in a couple different positions for about a half hour while Elise stretched me out, and she was born at 4:24 pm – almost 2.5 hours after my first contraction!

My labour with DD1 was 18 hours, and I came out of it with a couple nice tears and felt rushed through my birth. It wasn’t a horrible birth by any means, I birthed her naturally, with no drugs, but there were things I wasn’t happy with. This time around, even though the birth was WAY faster and far more intense, I felt in control, I didn’t tear, and I feel almost completely recovered already, I’m just really tired and a bit light headed. It happened so quickly that I really felt like I couldn’t do it – in the car on the way to the hospital I told DH I was getting drugs LOL! But once we were here, and I got focused, everything fell into place. It was such a beautiful, empowering experience and I’m so glad to end my child-bearing experience on a positive note (we won’t be having any more babies).

She looks a lot like Claire did when she was born, except she has hair - and it's dark! Elise's nose is a bit different, but they have the same eyes and cheeks Smile

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OMG! Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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Congrats! What a wonderful, fast labor and delivery! What all was in that cocktail?

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Good job amanda! I had a feeling something was up and almost emailed you today!

WTTW Elise!

Great story!

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At least you didn't have her in the car!

Congrats Smile

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Wonderful story- so glad you made it in time, and had such a positive experience!

And I LOVE her name! Goes so nicely with Claire, too.


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Congrats! What a great birthstory, I cant wait to see pics!

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Congratulations! What a great story!!

I want to know too, what was in that cocktail? LOL!

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Congrats! Wttw elise!

what a great story. I'm so glad you had a good experience

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Oh goodness! What a quick labor. I'm so glad you had such a food experience. Smile WTTW baby girl.

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Oh Amanda, what a wonderful birth story! And I totally understand how everything was empowering Smile Totally!

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Here's my midwife's cocktail Smile

5 drops verbena tincture
2 tbsp almond butter
2 tbsp castor oil
250 ml orange juice
500 ml water

Blend it all together and drink within a half hour. Make a second dose to drink after 5 hours if you have no results - but if I'm any indication, it'll work! Smile

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Congratulations! So glad everything went so well! Welcome to the world, Elise!

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Wow, glad you were able to make it on time. I too am wondering what was in that cocktail, lol. Congrats!

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I added pictures - did anyone try out my cocktail? Smile

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She such a cute little thing... reminds me of Selah a bit!

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Haha, love that pout!

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oh my gosh!! So precious!!! Congratulations. Smile

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Gorgeous girls!