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Here's the email I just sent to UC Baby. What do you think? Was I to mean/b itchy? Did I ramble too much? (I think I did but I don't care haha!). Do you think I got my point across?

To whom it may concern;

On Saturday, May 28th my husband and I came and had our 3D ultrasound done, our appointment was for 1pm. We got there expecting the awesome experience we had just last year in early March. Our tech last year was great! Very talkative, did her best to give us only the best pics, the best views, and was apologetic when we couldn't get a profile etc. She made us feel very comfortable and relaxed - our experience was everything that the website boasted about! Early this year we were blessed with a surprise baby, and decided since our experience was so great last year, that we would go back this year, and of course find out what our new little baby was going to be. I even boasted and bragged to people I know that were either pregnant, or I knew wanted kids, that if they could afford the money and were fine with travelling to the nearest location that they really should go. It's an experience you never forget!

Fastforward to May 28th. We got there did the paper work, and anxiously awaited our turn. We had hoped for either the same tech we had last year, or someone who was just like her. This year we had the Chinese lady, and we are fine with people of different nationalities etc. However, she didn't treat us like we were treated last year. She didn't talk much, or make us feel very comfortable. She only occasionally said things like "this is the arm/leg/etc". There was no other comments made. She was very quiet and I actually felt like I do when I go for the standard 18 week ultrasound when they're concentraiting and measuring etc. You're not very comfortable and you're laying there wondering and hoping all pans out well with your baby. That feeling is NOT what UC Baby is about.

At one point she paused recording because the baby was very quiet and she wanted me to do some squats to see if the baby would wake up and move around a bit. We didn't realize after that she forgot to UNPAUSE, and continue recording. My husband said he saw that the copy you guys keep was about 37 minutes long, while my own personal copy that I paid 25 dollars for only has 22. That's very disappointing, that I did not get what I paid for. Also, the pictures she gave us were terrible. Some were clear, but other's were blurry and not very recognizable. You can tell that there's a face or something, but rather than put some of the good images she had on our disc, she chose to put the blurry ones. Our tech last year gave us nothing but the best quality. A small blur is alright because the baby moves or whatever during a really good shot, but some of these are really distorted and you can maybe make out an eye or something, but otherwise, it just looks like nothing. Again, my husband and I are very dis-satisfied with that. Alot of other techs have given people I know who have attended the same location only the best pictures, and I feel as if I definately did not get my moneys worth. At the end, when I was all cleaned up from the gel and waiting for the pics to burn to cd, she said oh, I forgot to give you a picture of the heartbeat, do you want me to go back and do that? While this is something I would love to have, hubby and I were just so unhappy we said no it was ok, just so that we could leave :(.

We were planning on coming back to bring my 2 older kids as they were away with family for the weekend, and we wanted to make a whole day of doing things in Sudbury. We travelled just over 3 hours from Kirkland Lake to get there with construction and pit stops, and paid well over 200 dollars on just the visit alone, and left doubting we'll again put the time and money into the services.

I would also like to point out, that while I am a plus sized girl, that wasn't the reason for low quality pictures. I was plus sized last year and was there when I was 28 weeks (was 23 weeks this appointment) but I'm actually smaller in size than last year. I'm not sure if the Chinese lady is new, or not fully trained or something, but she didn't give us the services and quality we deserve, and with this being our last, understandably we want nothing but the best memories of our pregnancy and sadly, that visit did not provide us with such :(.

I don't like to write emails like this as I always fear I offend something, but I realize that a service like that, where the website claims and boasts about nothing but the best quality of pics, dvd video, and technician, that if no one complains and is honest then there is no way that you can do things to improve so that people have a good experience and leave just as happy and pleased like I did last year, and not how I felt this year.

Thanks for your time in reading.


Kristina H.

Whenever I hear back from them I will update you ladies and let you know what they say. It would be great if they offered me a bigger discount or free dvd or something upon next visit. I don't care what they do/give as long as they give us the experience we're SUPPOSED to get. The website says nothing but best quality/experiences and that's not what we got this time as you can see by the one pic we got.

UPDATE!!!!!! Here's the email they just gave me! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


First of all I am very sorry to hear that you were displeased with your services.

I was actually going to contact you today, as I had read your post on the Facebook page, and would like to help you in any way that I can.

The technician is fully trained and has provided us with many good experiences over the year she has been with us, and I am sorry to hear you were displeased with her performance.

Let me also inform you that there are several factors that can change the results of your ultrasounds, aside from weight and how far along you are. Every pregnancy is different regarding the amount of fluid in the uterus, the placenta, and other ever changing factors.

I would like to make the following offers, as I would like you to be as happy as I can possibly acheive.

You have the option to,
-Come back for a free appointment on us. We can work out a day with a different technician if that would be best for you. If you can recall who your technician was last year, we can possibly even see when she would be available. I understand you are from out of town, so in the case you would not like to return I understand.
-Or we can work out a partial reimbursement for you.

As previously mentioned we would like you to be as happy as possible, and hope that we can work at improving your experience with us.

Uhhh HELL YA I"LL TAKE THE FREE APPOINTMENT!!!! I would be a total idiot to take a partial reimbursement when I can go back and get a whole package deal again for free! The sad part is, I have no idea who my techs were. I have no idea the name of the tech we had last year or this year. You'd think they would be able to look in the files for that. I'm so thrilled! I can't wait for hubby to come home so I can tell him and see when we can best work out going back. Next week maybe but I doubt it as we have bills and whatnot to pay. Can I just say that I'm so excited that I dunno what to do with myself? Funny how things like that make you overjoyed with happyness LOL!

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I think it's a good email. You stated your problems in a kind, respectful way, which I think most people are much more likely to respond well to. Definitely let us know how it goes.

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I hope that they give you some kind of compensation for the bad experience

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I think it sounds great and you made your point! KUP!

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It sounds good. I think you got your point across without being rude.

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BUMP!! Biggrin

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Wow! They read your post on facebook!?!? This is good tho. I'm glad it worked out for you.

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Woohoo! That is awesome!

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Sonia, yep! I posted and someone who I guess runs the group said they would be looking into it. I'm guessing they maybe forwarded my post to the clinic or maybe the staff read it or something. Either way I'm really impressed with the fast response and the offers! I replied back saying that we're definately going to take the free appointment and we definately want a different tech. I also asked if they maybe have on file from last year who did the ultrasound, though I'm guessing they may not keep it on file that long. I even said that the Chinese lady never even told us her name so I have no idea who we saw lol. How sad is that!?

Anyways it's great news, and I had mentioned to hubby on the way home that maybe next trip with all the kids we'd make a day of it and go to the Science Centre. The older kids really like it there, and my oldest went last year on a school trip. We saw that they have some new exhibits to see, including a descented skunk which would be neat for them to see. And now that Heather is old enough to enjoy things like that, I think it would be a good way to spend the day and time away before the baby is born. A free ultrasound works out even better, because it'll cost us a small chunk to get everyone into the Science Center and we'd have to save. The ultrasound savings would pay for that. At least they do have some sort of satisfaction guarantee!!! Yahoo I'm excited can ya tell? lmao.

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Wow, So glad that they were able to get back to you soo quickly. I hope you have a better tech this time so that you can get the same experience that you had last time with Heather.

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That's awesome! I really hope that you have a wonderful experience this time. Hopefully they can figure out what tech you had last year. KUP on your new appt!

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Wow, that was fast. I'm glad they are going to give you a free session, it seems like they have pretty good customer service.

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Glad they are doing what they can to make it up to you! Yay!