Embarressing! LOL

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Embarressing! LOL

Soooo...the other day I went to the bathroom and I tore myself up. Sad I don't know how, didn't even strain that hard, and for some reason created a hemmroid, it bled and everything.

Well it's been SO uncomfortable to sit! I feel like I need one of those doughnut rings! LOL

I went to my friend's house last night and I was just so uncomfortable, I am trying to talk to her but I can't sit up right and so I am moving all around, eventually I told her I had to go because I was tired, when really my bum just hurt! LOL

SO I was like OK I need to go get something to clear this up! and I'm like where can I go that I won't be embarressed? Like some place with a self-check out. I am driving around and I find a walgreens that ive never been to, and go there.

Theres a bunch of college kids running around the isles, I am trying to find the preperationH and these annoying kids are running around I am trying to pretending like I'm NOT looking at the @$$ cream. LOL! Then a walgreen worker stops me and says "do you need help finding anything?" I am like "nooo!!" lol I just wish people would leave me alone! LOLLLL

I finally find the PrepH and, it's in a NEON YELLOW box with PREPERATIONH written in huge letters on it. I am like ok WOW I am NOT going to walk around the store with that!!

Why in the world would they put it in such an obvious package???

Well I keep looking and I find these pads called "tucks" with witch hazel and it's in a very discreat looking package, far away you can't tell what it is. Yay! So I got that. LOL I so I run to the register to try to hurry up and leave before all those college kids get in line behind me and see my butt cream LMAO and the cashier is all slow and like "do you want this in a bag?" and im like "yes! yes!" lol

I come home and I told my dh my adventure story and he's like omggg he thinks i am so silly, he said everyone gets the roids and i shouldnt be that embarrassed. I said I dont know why but I just am! LOL

anyways, just thought that was a silly story to share. I wish it would go away!! It's soo annoying, how long do the "roids" (Ewwwww) last??? Ive had it before just can't remember.

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I'm right there with you! I've had them off and on throughout this pregnancy. They do eventually go away on their own but I can't remember how soon!

I remember getting Tucks pads after giving birth last time. They helped a lot!

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That sounds like quite an adventure! Personally, I'm not embarrassed by hemorrhoids, but I can see why someone would be. The tucks pads are nice, they soothe pretty well.

Hemmorhoids are crazy, who knows how long it'll last. My butt was just clears up for about half a year before I got pregnant again, but luckily I haven't had too much of an issue yet. I remember sitting on the toilet when preggo with dd and just screaming.

A few things you can do:
When you sit on the potty, put your feet flat on a stool. That gets you in a more natural position.
Eat more fiber (pretty obvious, I know)
Drink more water
Don't sit directly on your butt. Tilt your hips so you are sitting more on one hip.

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I had DH get the stuff for me!

My lasted about a week but I get them really easily now Sad

Hope you get some relief!

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so i dont have roids yet, thankfully. However, i took all of you ladies advice and got some tucks and stool softeners for after i give birth. i was to embarressed to go shopping with DH so when he was occupied DD and i ran to Walmart to get some of the stuff i needed. i wouldnt even let him in the bedroom with me to pack the bag in fear of him seeing the stuff LMAO (i already have preperation H and i used to use it reduce swelling under the eyes and it helps with reducing discoloration). DH and I are VERY private about our bathroom habits. i get mortified if i pass a tiny bit of gas in front of him.. With that said, my WORST fear about labor is that im gonna poop and stink up the place of front of DH while trying to push Kendra out ROFL

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With that said, my WORST fear about labor is that im gonna poop and stink up the place of front of DH while trying to push Kendra out

Hon - you're going to have to get over that Smile Having a baby is an extremely effective way to lose any modesty you have, when you're in the delivery room it seems like everyone and their dog is coming and going and looking or sticking instruments up your hoo-ha! Having a bit of poop on the table during the pushing stage is extremely common - I bet you won't even know if it happens cause you'll be so preoccupied, the nurses usually just sweep it discreetly out of the way and don't say anything.

As for buying "embarrasing" stuff - I don't know why, usually I am a little more discreet when at the drugstore buying stuff like that, but while pregnant, I just stop caring! I feel like you know what? S**t happens to your body while you're pregnant that you can't do anything about, why should I be embarrassed that I need stool softeners? Believe me, the pharmacists understand. I've never had hemmorhoids though, so I've never had to get that stuff.

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Laura - Every FTM has the same fears! I really feel for you! Like Amanda says, all modesty will go out the wondow! I delivered DD leaning over the back of the bed with my butt in the doctors face! I have no idea what was coming out of me! And remember you might be throwing up and having diahrrea (sp?) during labour as well. You DH will be your best support for you during this time! It is very difficult for husbands to see their partners in such pain and he should be able to look past all the gross stuff!

After birth is just as bad as during. I thought I had popped a stich at one point so DH had to check (and it does not look pretty down there after pushing out a 7+ pounder!).

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"MandyMommyto1" wrote:

Hon - you're going to have to get over that Smile Having a baby is an extremely effective way to lose any modesty you have, when you're in the delivery room it seems like everyone and their dog is coming and going and looking or sticking instruments up your hoo-ha!.

Seriously. I had so many people look down there and stick things up there when I was in the hospital that I don't even get fazed now when I have to have pap smears or other exams.

Sorry about the roids. I didn't have any with either pg but I did get some after I had Brandon. It sucked. I hope you find some relief soon.

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+1 for having no shame in the whole labour process. Afterwards when I got up for the first time the nurse took me to the bathroom and I thought as she changed my mesh underwear and pad that the situation should make me really uncomfortable but i didn't really care.

I have no problems buying embarassing things. I wouldn't want to ask where those things are though or discuss with the pharmacist which hemmroid treatment is best!

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Sorry about the roid. I consider myself "queen of roids" after my recent experience. I use the Tucks pads and they work for relief. The best thing that has worked for making mine smaller was a Rx that my OB called in for me. It has hydrocortisone in it and works sooooo good. I would try the Tucks and if that doesn't work alone, you may just have to break down and get some Preparation H or call your OB. Hope you get to feeling better!

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"LauraMae78" wrote:

i get mortified if i pass a tiny bit of gas in front of him.. With that said, my WORST fear about labor is that im gonna poop and stink up the place of front of DH while trying to push Kendra out ROFL

LOL!! I am the same way. I RARELY pass gas in front of my DH. and we've known eachother 10 years! and been together for over 5! The only time I do is if I 100% absolutly have a horrible stomach ache. Like one time we were on a road trip and we were miles from a rest stop, I held it sooo long my stomach hurt and DH said "oh come on just fart." LOL and so I rolled ALLL the windows down, BLARED the radio, and did it. lmao

DH still makes fun of me, he swears I poo'd when pushing out the boys, I really don't care about that though, because it's not like I can help it. LOL

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funny! i always still hate to buy tampons even(not that i've had to buy them in awhile or for a while potentially with bfing) I'll be quick to put other groceries ontop of that box, or if that's all i need i almost run to the checkout(self checkout-or not a man, lol).

i'm glad, that most of the time if you do poop you never know about it. i'd probably want to crawl in a hole and die if i knew if i did.

the funny thing is, most of the other stuff didn't bother me. i had a student nurse with my first delivery and the other people checking stuff i was like "whatever" . then the LC came in and ok, here's my boobs.....

normally, i am very conservative. i have large boobs and my DH wishes i'd wear more cleavage showing shirts, but no!

hope the roids clear up quick

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"LizzyLaw06" wrote:

funny! i always still hate to buy tampons even(not that i've had to buy them in awhile or for a while potentially with bfing) I'll be quick to put other groceries ontop of that box, or if that's all i need i almost run to the checkout(self checkout-or not a man, lol).

Normally buying that stuff doesn't bother me but one time I got in line a the grocery store and the cashier started ringing my stuff up. all of a sudden the bagger come up and starts bagging my stuff. he says "Paper or plastic?" I look over and it was one of my youth group kids from church. MORTIFIED!!!!

I probably would sound like a pig to you all. I burp and fart in front of my DH. I simply don't care. I would never do it in public, but at home? See? now I sound like a disgusting pig. Sorry Sad

Melissa, I shouln't laugh but the whole scenario had me giggling(especially when you said "a$$ cream"). A sure sign that I hang out with HS and MS kid too much at work. LOL That would so happen to me. I swear.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Lol Hope the tucks help the pain, I've never even told dh I have had hemroids (sp?), and I've always been afraid of pooping in front of him. With my first I was freaking out because the urge to push feels like you have to poo really, really bad! So far, as far as I know, I haven't but I still worry about it even though it's #4. Other than butt issues I'm not too modest Lol Just this week I had both the nurse practitioner and a student looking at my swollen girl parts Blum 3 They asked if the student could check me too to 'see what 2cm/80% feels like' and if it weren't for me being so early I would have let her, they gotta learn somehow. With my girls the rooms were PACKED full of people when I delivered (both were born before 36 weeks so I had the whole NICU team in there as well as a nurse for me and a nurse for the baby) and yes, gotta love when you first get up and the nurse helps you with your pad....normally I'd be embarassed about that too but I never seem to care when the moment is there.
Oh and I always go to the self-check out at Walmart when I have embarassing things to buy Lol

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LOL I enjoyed reading all of your emberressing stories too. lol makes me feel better! I am still in big pain, I can't sit down at all hardly, can hardly sleep. I keep using the tucks pads but so far still doesn't do anything. I told DH I'd rather have a sharp pain (like a contraction) than a constant, throbbing, annoying, painful pain. lol I hope it clears up soon or i'll go insane. Sad

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Hoping you feel better soon...

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I'm kinda that way too, embarassed to buy certain things. After Hailey was born and we were looking around in the condom section, deciding what to try (if we gotta use them, might as well go all out and try something fancy LOL), and people would look at us as if we were insane or something! I usually just kinda glanced and then made Bruce check em out and take a peak at the baby or something haha. Or I'd sit on a bench that was just right there at the aisle and tell him to go and pick something he thought might be alright. We had a few weird looks but hey, sorry. I breastfeed and can't go on the pill or anything else soo, should the mood strike us, at least we have something - NOT like it mattered. Having something and using, and having something and NOT using are 2 different things, hense why I"m on the board LOL. That one time we thought we were in the clear, NOPE :lol:. Ah well. It's all good. What's a little extra added insanity? Wink

I"ve never had roids so I have NO idea how you're feeling. Hubby's had them and of course, I get all the gory details :rolleyes:, uh hell, burp, fart, etc infront of me if ya like, but for gosh sakes I DON"T need to know your butt hurts and that you need a$$ cream to make it feel all better and all the other details LOL. I'm another one who doesn't care, if I gotta burp or fart, then hell I'm gonna let it out. We've been together for 12 years might as well! :ROFL:.

Oh, and as far as the pooping goes while delivering LO, as far as I know I've done it once, and that was ONLY because Bruce told me. The nurses or Dr never said anything, though I couldn't imagine WHY they'd tell you that, but he was all "you pooped while delivering, but the nurse wiped it up and took care of it really fast". Uh, thanks for the info? I think it was with Hailey actually but heck I can't remember much these days so I could be wrong lol. I DO agree with the fact that when you're pregnant, anything you may have been private about etc simply goes out the window. If you're a FTM, be prepared to have your hoo-haw poked at, things stuck up it, and everyone under the sun looking at it. Be prepared to have someone man handle your boobs trying to help you learn how to breastfeed if that's what you choose. When you go pee the first time, also be prepared to have the nurse in there helping you change your pads and underware, and also come in when you're settled in your bed, pull back the covers and check out your hoo-haw area because they're checking how the bleeding etc is.

OH, and how's this for slightly embarassing. When I had my first, up till then I had NEVER seen a blood clot... NEVER. I had NO idea what one was... till I went pee and my pad had these huge ones on it. I was totally freaked out and rang the nurse, I asked her wtf was that, and she casually said "oh, that's just a blood clot. It's normal. If you have more though, just let us know". She looked at me though as if to say, uh, why would you ask, don't you know what one looks like? I was rather embarassed by that. I've also had to ring the nurses when going pee because I had NO strength to break those giant ice pack pads. I remember sitting there, doing EVERYTHING imaginable to the bloody (not literally) thing. I tried stepping on it, twisting it, squeezing it, banging it on the sink... omg, I think I sat there for 20 mins cause I had too much pride to call and admit defeat... by a giant pad no less! :ROFL:. She came in and basically touched the thing and voila, ice pack activated! I felt so embarassed and stupid that I vowed to be happy to NEVER see another one of those again!

Sorry for rambling but thought I'd toss that out there Lol

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lol thats hilarious! I remember when we were TTC #3, I had my period and had a blood clot for the first time, it freaked me out! I was like "OMG what is that!!" normally i am super embarrassed around DH but I was sooo worried, I scooped it up with a piece of toilet paper and ran to show DH it. LOL honestly I was SUPER worried it was a baby! Just because we had been TTC #3 for almost a year and then this weird blob comes out and I was like omg that is not a tiny baby is it! (ive never had a miscarriage so i am sorry if it sounds insensitive to those who have, I don't know what it looks like when it happens) I was so worried. but it was just a blood clot. thank goodness!

anyways and yeah i still cant get used to the nurses coming in to check me after the baby is born, i feel like they are changing my diaper! LOL i feel so awkward.

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This will be #5 for me and I still can't get past this one or that one checking me out! Especially after the fact, it's like, ok, everyone and their mom was looking at me push out a baby, can't you just LEAVE me alone already! Like sheesh! I know it's their job, but after all that you don't wanna be interrupted in baby time, or family time, or SLEEP just to have your extremely swollen, sore, bloody and whatever else hoo-haw looked at. I wouldn't want that job, I'd feel too awkward doing that to all those women when I know what it's like LOL.