Embracing every minute

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Embracing every minute

This is our last baby. Sad I am enjoying every single minute of every single day with this sweet little babe. I get a bit emotion but deep down inside I know this is the right move. Overall, our family is complete and I LOVE each one of my children.

In about a month, I am scheduling to have the Essure procedure done.

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Great attitude!

When I have trying moments (usually revolving around a 4 year old mood swing), I remind myself, "I'm going to miss this.." Biggrin

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I'm right there with you! DH already has his vasectomy so there's no going back and every day that passes is just so bittersweet, I *love* the newborn stage and he is such a content baby...I'm definitely savoring every minute. I know realistically we can't just keep having babies but I love it, and like I told dh. I feel like I am better at this whole mommy thing with each baby Wink

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Yes, I understand too. I had my tubes tied, so we are obviously done. I just love being pregnant and love babies!

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I'm the same as you. I'm sad that this is it but I know that my family is perfect and they are all healthy. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of the little ones.

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Same here, same here... On one hand, it's exciting to start our adventure as a completed family- OTOH, it's very bittersweet!

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Same here. We are done. I keep forgetting to take my mini pill, but we haven't DTD yet. Everytime I forget to take it I remind DH that he needs to make his appointment. I can't go through what I went through again, even though the pregnancy was great and I got everything I asked for in delivery. Let's end on a high note, right?

I just want DH to get it done and over with so I can't change my mind later. Lol

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We're also done, and I'm trying to enjoy every bit of the experience! Much easier to do this time around since he is an easier/more content baby than DD was. The newborn stage isn't my favorite, but I'm definitely more relaxed about it and enjoying it more this time... and I know it will be over in a flash!

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We are also done. Neither of us have had anything permanent done but I did get back on BCP and am making him wear a condom. If I get pregnant again, God really wanted me to have another child. I would love to have another one if it was guaranteed that it would be a girl. But, I'm sure it would be another boy. And, I would love him just the same but YKWIM? I'm trying to enjoy every moment but it's hard with the reflux and the colic. It's getting better though. It will be easier to enjoy every moment next wk when I'm back at work. I'll just want hugs and loves when I get home.